Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

My schooling history is quite normal without any frequent change of roofs. Had my kinder garden thingy in one humble school in some 4th cross street in Kurinji Nagar , named "Cathy Matriculation School". This is where Mary miss blessed me with all her love. Such a suave name aint it? So very caring and lovesome teacher she was.She always allows me to sleep in the class room.( that too with girls around me!!)

She was once telling me about an innocent little kid. He was probably the first student who'd ever asked her a doubt in LKG. And she said with regret, that she didn't have an answer to the question to this day.She was taking Alphabet class for the first LKG batch in the school, when the kid in question piped up. "Miss", he asked in all earnest, pointing to a letter on the board, "why is it called Double U when it looks like two V's placed side by side?"
That poor li'le kiddo passed LKG with flying colors writing all the alphabets correctly - 26 on 26 :D . And that poor li'li kiddo was me. :)

Then from 1st to 5th - in "Chetana Matriculation School" thats where i had my first big crush :-) She was more graceful than most of her kind.Had a fair complexion and a thin hip. She'd do anything for me. She'd wait for me for hours together in rain, blistering heat ,without even moving from where I left her.My first love - I called her "Sophie". But generally people call her
"BSA SLR" ; i hate those fellas. I was 'riding' sophie everyday, every minute (gerroff nasty minds!! I never said everynight) The best teacher i've had in this school - Usha Mam.

Then from 6th to 12th - ion TVS Lakshmi School - numero uno in our City. This was the place that groomed me to what I am now. Here my favorite teacher was Mr.Raj Kumar. The best i'd say. "Perhaps" the Best. ( his students would know how to read the previous sentence )

I met him in a Priting Press one day and he was tattling about some fellow who was soooo ambitious and made the school and his parents proud. But unfortunartely he wasn't able get in to Medical stream, which ultimately turned out to be good for that fellow as medical rules are stiffening day by day.

That ambitious fellow was not me ( Gotcha!!!).

After all these years and 3 more years in my college, I feel lost in the path leading to nothing but eternal emptiness. Now I wonder who'd allow me to sllep in the class atleast without girls?And i keep wondering with many other it-can-only-be-felt kind of questions in my head...

The poor li'le kiddo in me unfortunately has been missing for 16 years now. Last seen, he was wearing an unusual dress with all sorts of ornaments and stuff,with a hole-less flute,a hair-ball (kondaikku english la enna baa??) , a band-aid on the right leg,pair of bangles and an extremely bright look on his face.

If found, please ask him where all his innocence went. :( What toxicated him??And please do tell him a way to avoid the process of growing up. I bet he was more fun as a kid.

Moral of the above post :

Kulandaiyum deivamum onnu nu summava sonnanga? :-)


  1. a real cute blog! :) made me get into this nostalgic mood where am reminded of my childhood days...
    and...the ulti one was "kondaiku enabaa english la"
    ll make me laugh wenevr i think of it! :D
    grt wrk, kee it goin!!!!

  2. ennda krishnar vecham pottutu apaavi nu sollriyae...KOLUPUDA...
    i donn want to say nething more...;-)

  3. Maapla, unakku motha nalla figurea paathu site kooda adika theriadu... ethukku da unakku krishnar vesham??

  4. Dei, anonymous : nee en kaila setha da. yaarda chellam nee?

  5. nice blog da...but kozhandaum deivamum onnu nu solrathu lam summa da....u know wat i mean

  6. hey soooper da batty!! liked a lott :) well said :)