Thursday, April 14, 2011

50 simple pleasures...

# When someone unexpectedly says exactly what you needed and wanted to hear.

# Waking up to a bright and sunny morning after a night of thunderstorms and rain.

# Snooze button : Keeping the dream alive :)

# A moment of déjà vu.

# Learn keyboard shortcuts.

# Watching a baby - falling asleep

# Figuring out the plot twist of a movie just before they reveal it or way ahead of it!

# Reviewing digital photos two seconds after you take them.

# When a large file unexpectedly downloads really fast.

# Eating the little bit of yogurt or ice cream that gets stuck to the bottom of the container.

# When the person scratching your back finds that one really itchy spot.

# When you pick something up and it’s way lighter than you expected it to be.

# Talking into a fan and listening to your voice sound like a robot. :D

# Piecing together some juicy gossip via other people’s Facebook status updates.

# Eating whatever you’re cooking while you’re cooking it and liking it.

# Immediately finding the start to a roll of tape.

# Using Google to spell check.

# Finding that perfect spot when you’re in a cocoon of blankets and pillows.

# Picking someone up curbside at the airport on the first try without having to loop around the terminal.

# The way you and your best friends can act like total retards together and have no shame.

# That huge sense of relief when you find your cell phone after you thought you lost it.

# In the car, waving to a random kid and having them actually wave back.

# When you high five a friend and you both miss.

# Looking in the fridge for no reason when you’re bored.

# Yelling at a video game when you get killed.

# That moment when someone says, “You’re not even listening to me. Repeat what I just said.” And then you do perfectly and they look dumbfounded.

# The goofy look on people’s faces when they wake up.

# The first hour of a long road trip when everyone is still super excited.

# Laughing at something you just saw with a complete stranger who just happened to see it too.

# Telling Microsoft Word to “Ignore All” spelling mistakes for your name.

# When your fortune cookie’s fortune totally applies to what’s going on in your life right now.

# When you call in sick all of a sudden when India plays Pakistan on a Wednesday morning 4 AM

# Watching India win the world cup with that special person!

# A really, really... really quiet corner of the library.

# Lazy Sundays when you don’t leave the house a single time all day.

# Gazing at the city below from the window seat.

# Random drive to unknown places making sure that the GPS is with you.

# "Wanting" to not give a darn what anyone else thinks and living life the way YOU want to live... note: "Wanting to.." :)

# When you're eating pizza or mozzarella sticks and the cheese stretches way farther than usual.

# When you're hot under your bed covers and you stick one leg out from under the covers to cool off.

# This : "Where’s my phone?" "I'll call it!" "It’s on vibrate!!" "Everyone SHHHHHHHH!!!" “I hear it!”

# The five minutes just before the school bell rings at the end of the day...tick-tock-tick-tock..

# Controlling the urge of sneaking to the last chapter of that incredible book!

# Inbox (1)

# Cherry blossoms

# Being next in line.

# Rajini movie - first day first show - wherever you are!

# Finding a random note from long back.

# Walking bare-foot..

# Hearing someone sing cheerfully to themselves.

PS: எத்தனை கோடி இன்பம் வைத்தாய் எங்கள் இறைவா! இறைவா! இறைவா!