Friday, June 26, 2009

9 Things that Mamas and Chithis learnt from me!!

After writing the previous post, I was able to recollect my other adventures. Only this time it was with my mamas/athais/chithis and chithappas...

So here it goes.. These are some valuable points that are learnt by them from me..

1.Your nephew 'will' cry out of his head for a ride in auto-rickshaw (even when there is newly bought LML vespa waiting to take him around), only to get on it and sleep at once , slumber throughout and wake up only after reaching the destination. [“Mama scooter la kootitu porenda kanna” never works!]

2.Kid’s bite is poisonous too!! Milk tooth can also cause blood loss!! Beware!

The cause of the next two lessons learnt are the assumptions made by mamas and chithis. Don’t blame the poor kid..

3.You cannot assume that there is a western commode in every house hold. A kid seeing it for the first time will genuinely be appalled. He might try to use it like the normal ones – climbing on it, ‘punch’a’keep’ifying ( I don’t know what is English for “kuthavechu”), using the water from the tap to flush…etc etc. Poor kidL. So please take all the responsibility for the mess created!

4.When you take your nephew to a hotel, after you are done with the bill settlement and all that, he might ask “Mama inoru feshal dosa!” with glossy lips (courtesy: the ghee from the masal dosa which he just finished eating) and big round eyes filled with sinless innocence. You can’t refuse the ‘feshal dosa’ to your favorite nephew. So please don’t assume that your nephew is done eating and avoid such embarrassing moments.

[And it’s not finished yet...the orders might continue further to ‘thayir vadai’ also!]

You might encounter at least one such incident when you take your nephew to movies.

5.Take for instance; you took your nephew to “Roja”. One of the much hyped movie brimmed with love and patriotism. The climax is drawing close. Madhu bala is about to see Aravind Swamy across the bridge. Just then all of a sudden the poor kid might gently whisper “Maama moocha!”. You don’t have a choice but to take him to the rest room. When you are back, the end credits might be rolling. You can never complain the kid. He would’ve been so ‘chamathu’, sleeping throughout the movie without disturbing you. It’s all because of the AC theatre that you took him to watch the movie.

6.Carry enough money to buy stuff during interval. (Refer point 4)

7.Never ever take your nephew to serious movies like ‘Indian’. He might get all panicky and might want to meet his mom ‘IMMEDIATELY’ and flee from India to escape the British raj. He might never realize that a trip from Chennai to Madurai can at least take 10 hrs. Piteous little boy!

And if you allow your nephew to play along with your kids, please be ready to meet the consequences.

8.He might never hesitate to abandon your child and run when hectored by the big boys in your apartments.

9.You might see your nephew riding the new bi-cycle that you gave to your child and your child running along with him – just running.. And when you ask your kid about this incident few days after your nephew left to his place, all you can do is - go gaga.

“Enda kanna! Annan cycle otite irunthan nee koodave oditu irunthiye en?”

(“Dear why were you running along when your brother was riding the cycle?”)

“Annan than ma sonnanga, “Leg movementsa paaru. Neeyum athe movement than panra, nanum athe movement than panren. Nan cycle la panren, nee tharai la panra!” apdninu”

(“Brother told me this ma “see the leg movements da, I am doing the same movements on the cycle and you are doing it on the ground. Whats the difference?”)

Now you might want to hit yourself for many incomprehensible feelings.

BEWARE of nephews!!


  1. Awesome, really enjoyed reading..

  2. dai....enna da ivalo setta panni waiting for 'what your teachers and childhood friends learnt from you'...nice sequel to that previous blog

  3. @ arun : thanks nanba!!
    @ madhan : ithu kooda nalla idea va irukke!!! :)

  4. Good Blog...I enjoyed reading...i can see all great talents revealed at ur end...:) keep it up.

  5. Good Blog..I enjoyed reading it..i can see all great talents getting revealed at ur end...keep it up :)

  6. Didnot mention the 10th item we learnt in recent dats? :)