Sunday, December 2, 2007

Om Shanthi Om - Pointless!!

I had to break the 'for-heaven's-sake-no-hindi-movies' pact that I made after watching few really,really,really boring crap (like Fida-KANK-Bunty aur babli etc.) as I surprisingly 'wanted' to watch Om Shanhi Om.Even now I coudn attribute any particular reason for that odd intuition ;-) . And I did watch it last weekend.

Let's get it straight - Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om is nothing more than an escapist masala film, albeit one that is faring better than Sanjay Leela Bhansali's arty flick, Saawariya, at the box office.What does work in OSO's favour is, the casting. SRK, "talented" newcomer Padukone. Also, the film teems with over 654358 Bollywood stars.

The story, set in the '70s when sideburns and bouffant hairdos were the rage, starts with Om (SRK) and his friend Pappu (Talpade). Both are aspiring actors who can't get beyond landing two-bit roles. However, Om is an optimist who lives by a quote from The Alchemist: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it …" . Not only Om but every other character on the big screen utters this thing atleast a hazaar times. Booooring..

And while he dreams of becoming a megastar, unlike his mother (Kher) and late dad, who never went further than doing bit roles, he falls in love with a top-notch actress called Shantipriya (Padukone) . They strike up a friendship after Om rescues her during a stunt gone horribly wrong. Just as Om starts making plans to spend his future with Shantipriya, he learns she is secretly married to film producer Mukesh Mehra, who is planning to marry the daughter of a wealthy filmmaker to gain the funds needed for his next film.When Mukesh realises Shantipriya won't keep quiet about their relationship he takes deadly measures to silence her. Unfortunately, Om dies in the pursuit of saving her.

Thirty years later, Om, reborn as the son of iconic actor Rajesh Kapoor on the same night he died, is living the life he yearned for. However, memories of his past life resurface when Mukhesh returns to do a film with him.And so the story comes full circle as Om decides to avenge the death of Shantipriya by hiring a look-alike to scare Mukhesh into confessing his crime.

The acting part was good. SRK differentiated '70s Om and '07 Om with ease. But my eyes were hooked up with Deepika Padukone. Ithu sema hot machi!!. She was hot, beautiful, elegant and taller than SRK. People were so excited about SRKs six-pack abs. I din have time to notice that as I was engrossed with Padukone's abs. It couldve been more elegant. Kirron Kher's acting was crap. No point in reviewing it. Arjun rampal and Talpade were suave in their performances.

I don know who wrote the dialogues. But avan mattum kaila kedaikatum. Mavane seththa di nee. It was soooooo poor. It was soo boring to hear some cliched dialogues again and again and again in a single movie(eg. "picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost" / that alchemist thing ) It was torturing to see, rather hear the same dialogues from the first half in the second half of the movie. Whatever SRK spoke in the first half, Deepika would say that after intermission. What the fish!! :-)

There are many things that Id like to appreciate and blast about this movie. But that would make this post so big. So here we go.


* There is the picturisation of the second song Dhoom Tana wherein we got to see Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra romancing with Deepika (thanks to special effects), and the
magical fairy talelish song Main Agar Kahoon.

* The awesome sets and costumes, which take you through the nostalgic 70s.

* The Filmfare award sequence - Sema.

* Deepika

* Deepika

* Deepika

* and more Deepika ;-)


*Lack of chemistry between SRK and Deepika. There was absolutely no love angle between their characters. The half saw SRK in love, while the second half was a
disaster in this department.

*Badly etched Kirron Kher's character

* Farah's sloppy screenplay in the second half.

* Although my favorite song before watching the movie was Deewangee, I thought it was a bit way too stretched in the movie. It was almost like what 60 min song ?? it
went on and on.

* Story?? Whats story??

* Dialogues... sathyama avan saavu en kailathan...

Having said that, there is no doubt that this movie is going to make loads of money, which is good for many people in this industry. If you are a SRK fan, you'll love the movie. If you are an Aamir Khan fan, you'll love to thrash the movie big time. Im a fan of neither, so , yes its a 3 hour roller coaster, 3 hour circus..blah blah blah. whatever.... This movie is the one which keeps you entertained for the entire stretch but then when you realise its pointless in making and watching such movies , you'll start repenting for spending 100 bucks for it.

OSO - (partly) S.O.S.!!

Afterword : I now realise its pointless in reviewing a pointless movie.. what a sad!! And im back to 'for-heaven's-sake-no-hindi-movies' pact :-)

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