Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some really smaaal stories

Hi all.. Its been long since I last blogged. For those who are reading this, again - have a great year ahead :)

Lately I am thinking seriously about writing more stories rather than some arbit stuff. These stories can be in any genre, any language ( well practically speaking, I know only Tamil and English ) or of any length. First I wanted to try writing really smaaal stories. They are so small that it needs great preparation and understanding from the reader to accept it as a story.

Example : one of the world's shortest sci-fi story is this 

The last man on earth was sitting in his room. His door was knocked!


So let me try writing some wierd stories like this.... Please bear with me :)

First lemme try a Love story

Longed for her. Got her . Crap!!

(people say stories are taken from one's own experience.. Well this ain't :) )

A Sci-Fi

It was year 2200. We went Solar. The sun went Nova 


Psycho story

The dead never leave you. That's why I keep them.

Will post some of the short stories as and when I write. :) Cheers.