Friday, April 23, 2010

Raavan - For you!! :)

From the very first 40 seconds promo, 'Beera' has become an instant hit. No doubt it has 'hit' written all over the pacey composition. 'Beera Beera' sung by Vijay Prakash, Aslam Mustafa & Keerthi Sargathia - this track is sure shot.

Like it always happens-only Mani Ratnam gives such liberty to Rahman, that he brings out his 'experimental' yet 'best' tracks.

Next track in sparkling example of veteran Gulzar. 'Behne De' is a lyrical feast. Sung by Karthik - he leaves you amazed with his flawless rendition. Backed by Mohammad Irfan's vocals - this is a very dark song. Not that Mani-Rahman types!

Rahman's favorite is up next with 'Thok de Killi'. With sounds of bagpipes and more chorus singing, the song is uplifting. Drums and bugles make it seem more of a 'war' song. After 'Rasiya' in Mangal Pandey, Rahman is here again with song of same genre.

'Ranjha Ranjha' sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, Anuradha Sriram & Javed Ali has mix sounds of Punjabi folk and remixed beats. Javed Ali sounds so different in this one.

With all these earthy songs, I was keen on listening to something magical like Guru's Aye Hairathein Aashiqui. And then came 'Khili re Khili re..' - having sweeeet voice of Reena Bhardwaj - yes the same lady who sang fabulous Yeh Rishta from Meenaxi. This dreamy track made me fall in love instantly. Lovely!

Last track 'Kata Kata' sounds like 'Rukmani Rukmani-Part 2'. It has same feel, but this time its not an 'after wedding' song but a before wedding song. Say Bachelor party types.

A notable similarity I found in all songs that Gulzar has created interesting link of words. Most of them are rhyming, or single word repetition. See.. Beera Beera, Behne De Behne De, Thok de Killi-baagad Billi, Khili re khili re and Kata Kata. Same thing we recently saw in - Paa. Most of the songs had repeated words. Fishy!

All in all, huge expectations from Rahman's Raavan are fulfilled, but somewhere I am not 'that' satisfied with this. Mani should ve asked for more 'down-earth-songs', but I love rich compositions, and more songs sung by Rahman himself. :( He doesn't have even a single line in this album. Why?

My rating : 3.5/5


  1. all songs sound so familiar! esp thok de khilli has this instrumental bit in between, which sounds exactly like the one in rangeela theme! rhanja rhanja sounds a mixture of ayudha ezhuthu, sivaji and guru, the beats, the instruments...

  2. but am pretty sure i ll start getting addicted to the songs, till the next ARR album comes out :)