Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dil to bachcha hain jee.. :)

Movie : Ishqiya

Music : Vishal Bharadwaj
Singer : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics : Gulzar

First things first - There are very few songs which are this close to my heart. And when it comes to Hindi songs - you know it. But then there are few exceptions like "Mitwa" - KANK, "Radha kaise na jale" - Lagaan, DCH - many songs etc. And recently added to that list is this one. This song is very complex in the very sense of it. A slight change in the music or the pitch or anything related might change the mood of the entire song - most probably into a pathos :) but...
Heart follows no rules. And it won't settle till it's decision is done. If we reason it, we may not be able to follow it either. In this song, an old man fights his feeling. His heart is eager to fall in love, but his head is stopping him... Gulzar - his brilliance is there in each word of the song. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's singing is mindblowing. So touching, innocent and soothing. Vishal's music perfectly blends with the mood. Listen to this song and enjoy the battle of the heart and the head...
Aisi Uljhi Nazar Unse Hat-thi Nahi
My wandering eyes are not leaving her

Dant Se Reshmi Dorr Kat-thi Nahi
The silky bond is not cut by tooth

Umrr Kab Ki Baraske Safed Ho Gayi
I am aged to white

Kari Badri Jawaani Ki Chhat-thi Nahi
Still the youth is not faded completely

Vallah Yeh Dhadkan Badne Lagi Hai
O God, the heartbeat is rising

Chehre Ki Rangat Udne Lagi Hai
The colour from my face is getting drained

Dar Lagta Hai Tanha Sone Mein Jee
Feeling nervous to sleep alone

Dil To Bachcha Hai Jee
See, the heart is a kid

Thoda Kaccha Hai Jee
A bit raw too

Kisko Pata Tha Pehlu Mein Rakha Dil Aisa Baaji Bhi Hoga
Who knew that, the heart is a scoundrel in character

Hum To Hamesha Samajhte The Koi, Hum Jaisa Haaji Hee Hoga
I always believed it is pure like me

Haye Zor Kare, Kitna Shor Kare
Sometimes it is adament, and make a lot of noise

Bewajah Baaton Pe Aave Gaur Kare
Giving importance to silly things

Dil Sa Koi Kameena Nahi
Nothing is as nasty as the heart

Koi To Roke, Koi To Toke
Somebody please stop it, challenge it

Iss Umrr Mein Ab Khaaoge Dhoke
At this age, I will be fooled

Dar Lagta Hai Ishq Karne Mein Jee
I am scared to fall in Love

Dil To Bachcha Hai Jee
See, the heart is a kid

Aisi Udhasi Baiti Hai Dil Pe, Hasne Se Ghabra Rahe Hain
Heart is so depressed, that it is afraid to laugh

Sari Jawaani Katra Ke Kati
All my youth I played with danger

Piri Mein Takra Gaye Hain
And I am meeting her at old age

Dil Dhadakta Hai To Aise Lagta Hai Woh Aa Raha Hai
Whenever the heart beats, I feel like she is coming

Yahin Dekhta Hi Na Ho
But not looking here at all

Prem Ki Maare Katar Re
I am cut by the Love-knife

Tauba Yeh Lamhe Kat-te Nahi Kyun
Why this moment is not ending

Aankhon Se Mere Hat-te Nahi Kyun
Why she is not fading from my eyes

Dar Lagta Hai Khud Se Kehne Mein Jee
I am so afraid to tell myself that

Dil To Bachcha Hai Jee
The heart is a kid
PS: ... love transcends age! - SERIOUSLY!

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