Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy new year 2012

As I write this, India is mukking in Aus. 11 paeru. Moochu thenara thenara adikkaranunga. Mokka start to 2012. Mokka ending also predicted by Mayans. And the Gods are probably talking about it.

Shiva: Dei Vishnu
Vishnu: Yes mama..wassup?
Shiva: I am only destroyer no?
Vishnu: Yes mama
Shiva: Then why you need Kalki avatharam? Sit simply.
Vishnu: 10 is very round number da. They took many movies too with that name. So I will wonly take off da. Not you. People will get confused if you go now! They will even be dissapointed to see you!
Shiva : Whats with  the 10? 
Vishnu : Im teliing you no? It looks good. See, 5 pandavas. 100 gauravas. 10 avatars. If you think about it, Indra is having 4 heads. Which feels incomplete. Even in Ramayan, I told that Valmiki to write it as 15 years. He only wrote it as 14. Many people asking me why 14 years you go to forest? If it were 15, no question. Even for Ravanan, 10 heads. No one questions why?! Got it?
Shiva: Ok po, when you are taking da?
Vishnu: This year only, I think... at least thats what Mayans told me!
Shiva: What?? This year-a? Have you taken birth and all?
Vishnu: Yes da
Shiva: Adapaavi. Who?
Vishnu: Sachin da. Even in his name I have placed 'ten'. Sachin Tendulkar. 10 in english. Dul is blast in Tamil. Kar is do in Hindi. Even his jersy number is 10. When he changed his number to 99, his form dropped! Why? Because it wasn't round! People also know. They call me God down there.
Shiva: Semma. Destroy off today then. Very tiring, this job.
Vishnu: Pls machi. Innum orey oru century adichuttu... it will be 100, 100s. What a feat!
Shiva: Aiyo, bleddy fellow, what is it with you and round numbers? I give you till end of year ok? If not I will destroy off.
Vishnu: Nanbaen da!

Ok mama now tune change-u.. ready? 1...2...3....4...

2011 was a good year for me, apart from me going to the verge of getting fired from the previous company . Few days back, I spoke to Madhan about what happened to us in 2011. I extended that thought for the past 10 years which is and will be the most crucial years in my life. 14-24. I've moved on from being a boy struggling to cope up with a breaking voice to a young man who trims his beard twice, just to be comfortable looking at himself in the mirror. I have grown, reading books, watching movies/cricket and relishing my food...

The more I think about it, the more I avoid writing about it.. at least in the blog. Those things can be said and done later. But what to write about 2011? Let me play safe here. Let me put down few things which comes to my mind when I think about 2011. 

* Gautham Menon released Nadunisi Naaigal without any BGM. Also without any story, screenplay and direction. As I told you, I have grown to like movies like never before. It would be dumb if I say I get sad these days after I see a good movie.. I am sad because the number of new good movies that I can see is now minus one! So after Nadunisi naaigal, I was very happy!

* Animal Planet acquired 50% stake in Kural TV. TR released the Afro music that has since been scientifically proven to turn on a specific species in female hippopotamus.

* India won the cricket world cup after 28 years. Indians were overjoyed that there will be no more Hindi interviews of Kris Srikkanth describing the catch which "Kapil ka pakda the ooperwala ball of Richards to out karne ka" - no filty meaning intented.

* Kalmadi was asked to organize the Common Wealth Games, and was arrested for taking it in the literal sense.

* Before killing Osama, the US NAVY SEALS asked him, 'Do you have any last wisg?' He replied, 'Yes, kill me before RA.One is released'.

* Jaya became CM and said "Anna naamam vaazhga. MGR naamam vaazhga". Iyengars confused. Again!

* Inflation was a major issue. Especially for Thala Ajith.

* When asked if he does any homework to practice his expressions, Cheran revealed that he does not poop during the entire shooting schedule.

* Kalimozhi sent to Tihar. A visibly happy Raja called the jailor and told him, "(h)otha hai".

* Personally I'm totally irritated by Suriya's constant thoppai exposure

* Finally Baby B is born and Big B's fuss about that entire phase has made people curse that baby instead of adoring it. [...psssst... Undiscolosed sources revealed that BabyB is currently taller than Suriya by a few inches. ]

* Tamil cinema got a vidi velli - Power Star Dr.Srinivsasan. He looks like shaving panna TR, that is, some one who justu missed two million years of evolootion.

* There was an all India meeting to discuss why Prashanth was still acting in movies.

* Gayle to WICB, "Guys, I am finally in awesome form, lets become great team!" WICB to Gayle, "Fack, you are dropped!"

* Indian Kabbadi world champion team goes back home by rickshaw. Govt confessed that they were unaware of the event and thought it was Ghilli climax scene shooting for a Hindi remake.

* 10 Indians applied for Pakistan citizenship after they were harassed by the "Every Indian must read this" messages on Facebook.

* Vidya balan finally sheds her clothes. Vidya Balan went to skin doctor for some treatment. Doctor told, 'It's ok ma, no need to show, yesterday only I saw in night show'.

* Every one who has completed 'saralivarisai' or has a video camera came up with a Kolaveri video.

* Sharad Pawar slapped hard. Doctors confirm that it is a medical miracle that his face is still distorted.

* Godrej agreed to be the official sponsor of the saavi koththu for STR's kaakavalippu problem after seeing his love anthem.

*Jodhida Megamani Lion K.Paarangal told Sachin that Sani bagwan is vakram-ly looking at him after peyarchi from 3rd house. So he has suggested that Sachin ethify nei vilakku in nearest Sani temple, and write 'Sachin 99+1' with kari on the wall.

*Anna Hazare went without food for several days for a Lokpal Bill. Hence became the #2 Googled person in India, behind only Katrina Kaif, who released Chikni Chameli.

*Poonam Pandey announced that she will strip for the New Year bash. Kapil Sibal confirms that she has nothing significant to censor.

* Rajini is back after sever health issues with the blessings of Mahavathar Babaji [who is said to be Rajini's binaami] and he is still confused about what is happening around him. Kochadayan? Sultan? or Rana? So are his fans!


Happy New Year! :)

PS: Don't make resolution and all this year. Ulagam azhiya poguthu. Open the bottle!

PPS: I know its kind of late to post it now.. but its better late than never!

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