Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bharathi tagged himself

1. One thing I'm very much afraid of

Seclusion. I just can't stand being left out!

2. Two incidents I can never forget in my life

One : Veeraasaamy - marana gethu!!

Two: I blindfolded myself one day for no particular reason; the next day I donated my eyes. Its terrible to be visually impaired!!

3. Three books I'd love reading again and again

a) Shantaram - Gregory Davis
b) Baala kandam - Na. Muthukumar
c) Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

4) Four women who are most beautiful

Paz Vega 
Amelie Paulon
Penelope Cruz 
Shanmugi Maami ["Munnazhagum nalla irukuthu ; pinnazhagum nalla irukuthu... ;)"]

5) Five of my favorite food items

[just the five??enna koduma ithu??] Curd rice and pickle, Parota and Salna, Briyani and thalcha , Dosai and Kotchu :-) , Noodles

6) Six words you use very often

a) adangoyyala!!
b) ssssaaaaaa!!
c) ithellam oru polappa!
d) aahaaa!!
e) saniyane!!
f) kena!

7) Seven things I like about myself

a) why
b) split
c) into
d) seven
e) different
f) things
g) ?

8) Eight film personalities who are your all-time favorites
a) Rajini            
b) Kamal
c) Sujatha        
d) Ilayaraja        
e) Mani Ratnam
f)  P.C.Sree Ram
g) Crazy Mohan
h) A.R.Rahman  

i) Vijayakanth
j) Ramarajan
k) T.Rajendar [ da man!! ]

[Im damn serious abt the last three!!]

9) Nine movies you don't mind watching again n again

a] Anbe Sivam
b] Hey Ram
c] Forrest Gump
d] Amelie
e] Shrek
f]  Pirates of the Carribean 1 and 2
g] Fight Club
h] Its a Wonderful Life
i]  Midnight in Paris

10) Ten songs you would listen to everyday
a ] Forrst Gump - Feather Theme ( falling in love with it over and over again )
b]  Mounam pesiyathe theme
c]  Puthu Vellai Mazhai - Roja
d]  Unnidam mayangugiren sollathan nerungugiren..
e]  Senthazham poovil - Mullum malarum
f]   All 'Nizhalgal' songs
g]  Unnai naan ariven - Guna
h] Nijanga - Kotha bangaru lokam
i]  Thaen sinthuthae vaanam
j]  Netru illatha maatram - Puthia Mugam

(these songs are just from top of my mind... )


  1. unnidam mayanguhiren.ullathal nerunguhiren.

    1. May I know who this is? Thanks for the correction