Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unnale Unnale - Sluggish Love story

"Unnale Unnale" - I told my mom when she asked "Enna kutti [ya thats me!!] intha padam nalla irukka nalla illayane therialla.. vera padam poirukalamla??", during the ride back from the theatre which usually would be filled with debate and comments on that particular film which never happened during yesterday's ride back home ( April 27, 2007) . This happens only between myself and my mom. My dad, a poor man never likes movies.Good for him.

Karthik (Vinay), is a fun loving and a playful lad who flirts with every second girl who crosses his path. He is sent on work to Melbourne where he meets his ex-lover Jhansi (Sada). They previously fall in love with each other in Chennai but drift away when they find that they are not made for each other. Jhansi is an extremely possessive, always suspicious, introvert,who is basically old fashioned. There is this bubbly girl Deepika (Tanisha) whom Karthik meets on his flight to Australia who plays cupid after realizing how deeply they still love each other but Deepika slowly falls in love with him, complicating matters. The stubborn and at the same time lovelorn Jhansi is not willing to open up and sort out issues and her hidden fears makes things worse. Do the mismatched lovers unite?

Why a stupid,slow and i-try-to-innovate kinda screen play for such a simple story?? I bet , in the recent past , Tamil film industry has never seen a more irky screenplay. Jeeva (screenplay,Cinematography,Direction) sees a lot of English and Hindi movies for sure. He slipped "Sliding Doors" in 12 B,his debut and in this movie he has made use of some celebrated scenes from Dil Chahta Hain and Kal Ho Naa Ho. Maams,Gutham menon oda nelama unakkum varanuma?? Copy adikkathinga da dei!!

And the dialogues penned by, S.Ramakrishnan [a renouned mystic tamil writer] is like a cannon constantly shooting some 'senti' sms's like "pasanga rough draft maathiri and ponnunga fair draft maathiri" , " neenga site adicha athu just looking , pasanga panna alayaroma?? ".. It really tested my patience.

Vinay - looks and acts like dumb ass. He cant even mouth correctly for his dubbing.And he cant dance.I pity the dance master. All he does is sit,stand,walk,run,jump,jump higher,still higher
and that too in slow motion , kadavulee... Sada reminded me of Vivek in Anniyan when he says " Dei Ambi, ava oru sappa figure da. Avalukku nee ivloo alayanuma?? ".. Pesaama 'Saada' nu pera maathi vechikko ma. Punniyama pogum...

Music - See this link [Vettayadu Vilayadu Review by me]

Oh yeah,there are some plus points in this movie too:

a) Tanisha Mukherjee - i just fell for her for the second time [first time after Sarkar]!! Believe me Ive got a band aid in my right knee :-(
b) Raju Sundaram
c) Jeeva's Photography - Sema!vaippe illa!!

Reviewer's verdict - see. if you dont want to miss the brilliant photography and few good scenes

Rating : 38/100 out of which 38 marks for Tanisha :-)

Psst ... After seeing this movie I resolved not to fall in Love ;-) happieee !!!!! - Thala vali da saamiii

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

My schooling history is quite normal without any frequent change of roofs. Had my kinder garden thingy in one humble school in some 4th cross street in Kurinji Nagar , named "Cathy Matriculation School". This is where Mary miss blessed me with all her love. Such a suave name aint it? So very caring and lovesome teacher she was.She always allows me to sleep in the class room.( that too with girls around me!!)

She was once telling me about an innocent little kid. He was probably the first student who'd ever asked her a doubt in LKG. And she said with regret, that she didn't have an answer to the question to this day.She was taking Alphabet class for the first LKG batch in the school, when the kid in question piped up. "Miss", he asked in all earnest, pointing to a letter on the board, "why is it called Double U when it looks like two V's placed side by side?"
That poor li'le kiddo passed LKG with flying colors writing all the alphabets correctly - 26 on 26 :D . And that poor li'li kiddo was me. :)

Then from 1st to 5th - in "Chetana Matriculation School" thats where i had my first big crush :-) She was more graceful than most of her kind.Had a fair complexion and a thin hip. She'd do anything for me. She'd wait for me for hours together in rain, blistering heat ,without even moving from where I left her.My first love - I called her "Sophie". But generally people call her
"BSA SLR" ; i hate those fellas. I was 'riding' sophie everyday, every minute (gerroff nasty minds!! I never said everynight) The best teacher i've had in this school - Usha Mam.

Then from 6th to 12th - ion TVS Lakshmi School - numero uno in our City. This was the place that groomed me to what I am now. Here my favorite teacher was Mr.Raj Kumar. The best i'd say. "Perhaps" the Best. ( his students would know how to read the previous sentence )

I met him in a Priting Press one day and he was tattling about some fellow who was soooo ambitious and made the school and his parents proud. But unfortunartely he wasn't able get in to Medical stream, which ultimately turned out to be good for that fellow as medical rules are stiffening day by day.

That ambitious fellow was not me ( Gotcha!!!).

After all these years and 3 more years in my college, I feel lost in the path leading to nothing but eternal emptiness. Now I wonder who'd allow me to sllep in the class atleast without girls?And i keep wondering with many other it-can-only-be-felt kind of questions in my head...

The poor li'le kiddo in me unfortunately has been missing for 16 years now. Last seen, he was wearing an unusual dress with all sorts of ornaments and stuff,with a hole-less flute,a hair-ball (kondaikku english la enna baa??) , a band-aid on the right leg,pair of bangles and an extremely bright look on his face.

If found, please ask him where all his innocence went. :( What toxicated him??And please do tell him a way to avoid the process of growing up. I bet he was more fun as a kid.

Moral of the above post :

Kulandaiyum deivamum onnu nu summava sonnanga? :-)

Monday, April 23, 2007



Ive been using the blogsource to pen my thoughts. But people were constantly asking me to use blogger. So im switching over.
To see my older posts visit here. This prelude has no connection with the post below :-)

Im scared;
Terribly scared.

Reason - DSP - one stupid stuff full of block diagrams,IIRs and FIRs. ( till this second im not sure about their expansions).

Question One : what the heck is that Electronics paper doin in an I.T. curriculum?
Question Two: Why can't somebody make me understand the fundamentals of this subject?
Question Three : Is it completely necessary to put all those bullshit formulae in your mind?
Question Four : Whats the use of DSP for someone whos in/goin to be in I.T. sector?

Along with these questions , i had many questions in the question paper for which i din know thw answer.. pity me..

My whole life seems to hang on these 7 letters now..
(Fine.. technically it's 6 letters. But I'm in no mood for a mokkai.)

I always get these results-around-the-corner symptoms. But this time around, it's been overwhelming. My academic degradation over the past few years is jus' about complete now, I guess.

Thoughts like "Why did I have to study well in school? Why did I have to raise my folks' expectations?" have started to fill my head. Ok, Matriculation and Tamil nadu entrance are completely different ball-games. It still doesn't explain how I've gone from good to bad to worse to worst. English needs an updation to plot my plummeting graph. Double Comparitive and Comparitive Superlative Comparitive words like worser and worsester have to be used to get the true essence of my woeful downward spiral..

School's never managed to make me understand the term "exponential". College,thorough my academic performance made me understand both exponential and negetive exponential graphs..
(Well my acads,belong to the later)

My old friends pooh-pooh my fears. They say "ivalo build-up vittutu, kadaseela nalla mark vaanguvae da nee. Unna pathi theriyaadha, kedi!" (dedicated fully to Nattu@ kishore @ yoyo) They don't seem to understand that if I've done my exam well, I'd be more than glad to tell them just that. My new friends are a lot more sympathetic but still don't get my quandary. Never failed in a biggie. The first time I actually failed was in a stupid class test in my first year then again in a internal assesment in this year.

Though failing phenomenon is not new to me,an arrear in a sem exam? Hope it never happens. If it does, I've mentally prepared myself for it. What I'm really scared of, now, is my parents' reaction. But more than that, their disappointment. I really don't think I'd be able to take the guilt.

For once, I hope my old friends are right. Fingers crossed.

Song : Athiradi kaara macha macha di.. ( Movie : Sivaji -The Boss) - just mind blowing
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