Monday, June 18, 2007

So what? Its Thalaivar's movie...

No logic, only magic. No better words to elucidate 'Sivaji - the boss'.

But before I get to write my first impressions, I have something to say about the Rajni factor. After the night show at Tamizh Theatre - undoubtedly the mecca of thalaivar films in Madurai - I called an autorickshaw to drop my chithi and two sisters back home in Iyer bunbalow. I went along in my bike. It was around 1.30 a.m. when we reached home and after I pay the driver an (un)reasonable Rs.50, he asks me: "Sir, padam eppadi irunthatu? Nalla Irunthutha? Thalaivar padam odanum, sir. "

Why on earth would an autodriver, in the death of the night, wish that his 'thalaivar' movie become a hit? Well that is 'Rajni factor' for you.

And where can begin and end with 'Sivaji'? It is an out-and-out Rajni extravaganza.
Yes, there is Shankar, AVM, A.R.Rahman, Vivek, K.V.Anand, Suman and, ahem, Shriya all too provocatively dressed in the song sequences. But when Rajni is on the screen, you don't have time to think of anything else. And you don't want to think also - this I ironically 'think' would be the key to enjoy the movie.

First things first. Rajnikant has managed to turn back the clock 25 years, well atleast 15 years. Right from the first scene, you are reminded of Rajni of 'Rajaathi Raja,' 'Moondru Mugam' ...

By now, the story is out in the open and unless you are an eskimo, you know. But a word of encouragement for eskimos: the producers will find a way to release Rajni's next film in Antartica simultaneously.
So in the first half, Sivaji, the NRI software architect with Rs.200 crores, tries to build a charitable college and hospital but loses out to the schemes laid out by Adhiseshan,played with panache by Suman. And in between he finds time to woo Tamilchelvie, played with very little clothes [yammadiyov!! dress ellam thotta vilunthudum pola... sema hot machi..] in the song sequences by Shriya. And then there is 'Maama' Vivek in the mix of things.

The first half has some absolute rib-ticklers. The sequence in which Rajni and Vivek visit Shriya's , Rajni wears his "Moondru Mugum" get-up and one cannot but hope that somewhere, somehow "Alex Pandian" jumps out. And Rajni also pays 'Illaya Thalapathi' Vijay a small tribute by dancing to his song.

And just watch out for the sequence on the railway track in which 'thalaivar' apes Vadivelu: "Dai Maama, ennavachu comedy keemedi try pannalaye?" ;-)

And in between all this mela, there are the songs. "Athirade" is my favourite. Just watch 'thalaivar's' moves and Shankar'a wit in that song.. "Koool.." . Prabhu Deva scores big time with his choreography. "Style" is a very close second. But all the other songs are worth watching on the big screen and big screen alone...

The second half is all about Sivaji winning over Adhiseshan, and his payback starts with the One Rupee he gives Rajni after leaving demolishing his fortunes. Well, one might argue that the twists are very corny but hey I did tell right at the beginning that this movie is not about logic or thinking. It is about enjoying and living life. This is not a movie. This is a festival.

The sequence in which Rajni imitates Sivaji Ganesan, MGR and Kamal Hassan is itself worth the ticket price. Immaculate. When Rajni does the MGR 'nose rub,' I just fell out of my seat laughing.

The 'Mottai' boss makes a very late entry, by which time I am sure all the twists and turns had put your brain to sleep. Now it is 'high' time. Rajni proves why he is cocaine to the masses. No other actor - Not AB, Not Chiru, No other Super Star - can put you on a high like he does with his 'Mottai' Boss makeover.The crowds who were cheering and whistling intermittently through the movie are now jumping. Just when he says, "Sivajiyum nanthan. MGRum nanthan" the movie has done enough for you.

Now you just want to go home, have a good sleep and run back to the theatre the next day.

Footnote: Its time to fix your brain back in the place where it was 3 hours before and think

Having said all I have said, this is also Shankar's weakest script on his 'individual vs corruption' series. And why can't that poor fellow think of simple and elegant things. Songs,stunts,art-direction and Rajini's make up would have costed more than 75% of the budget. ;-) The movie, somehow despite all the highs, lack a flow. It is like a montage of interesting events not woven well. I would blame it on the screenplay. I cant see Sujatha's glam anywhere. Some sequences are too shallow and kiddish. It works only because of Rajni. Also this is no 'Baasha'.

So what ?? Its thalaivar's movie and I've planned to watch it atleast thrice in theater ;-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Enga poi solluven?? Ennannu solluven?? - 3

After the tenuous training by our seniors we were expected to be cool for the interview but actually tension crept in us with all 'new' tie [ketta comedy] ,full arm shirts and shoes.. it was really awful in that scorching sun; so I thought of something cool inside. Yes, I was fortunate enough to have a lady interviewer inside and I guess other two sitting inside were gentlemen ;-) and what if the interview was like this?? Ellarukkum velai kidaikkumla?? ;-)

Tell me about yourself

Promise you'll recruit me even if I tell you about myself?


No, it's very difficult for you to implement it. I'll let this question pass. Ask my friend who is next on the line. When he gives you the answer, I am sure you'll recruit me.

Any actual work experience?

Buying groceries for my neighbour [in Madras,Besan Nagar] who has this pretty daughter called Gayathri.

What did you learn from it?

That Gayathri already had a boyfriend.

Why did you choose this career?

Coz your aptitude test was the only one I cleared.

When did you decide on this career?

When I heard the above news.

Describe a situation in which you were succesful.

How many questions are you going to ask me relating to this? This is the third one you are asking in a row. Next please!

Tell me about your goals

I am no football player. It's a very risky game. A kick on the wrong ball would be devastating.

Who is a good manager?

One who wears a banian, an overcoat and dhothi and works in hilly regions.

Are you a team player?

Yes, if mixed doubles.

What motivates you?


Do you handle conflicts well?

Yes. No. I guess so. Err...I don't know.

Any major problem that you had to deal with recently?

Yes, you.

What is your greatest strength?

My teeth enamel.

If I were to ask one of your professors about you, what would he say?

Bad words. Lot of bad words.

What are your favourite classes and why?

Library/Seminar. They are free hours.

Do you enjoy doing independent research?

If it's with the girl at the next table, absolutely.

What do you know about our company?

That they are compassionate towards mentally challenged people.

How do you know?

I know you.

If you were to become an animal, which animal would you want to be?

A dog.


Ivalo periya naai, neeyae inga velai seyyarchae, enakkum velai kidaikkum-nu oru nambikkai dhaan. [no hard feelings ;-) ]

Why is your GradePointAverage not higher?

Because it is directly proportional to the mark you get.

If you have to live your life again, what would you change?

Gayathri's boy friend.

Why did you choose the computer industry?

Software, hardware, silicon ..everything about this industry is too exciting.

Why should I recruit you?

Your interviewer was large hearted to give you a job, I am sure you are a good person too.

Finally I was in TCS ;-) thank god... Ellarum joora orukka kai thattunga...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Was thinking abt the Sivaji phenomenon again...

This pic and the last punch dialogue in the trailer really impressed me.. But were I lollu sabha Manohar, what wouldve i told for this [see below]??

Namma thalaivar calls the villain in his mobile phone..

Thalaivar : (styyyyllllaah) Sivaji......... eppadi, Ennoda Call vanthavudane summa athiruthu illa?

Villain : Ada che chumma kada, en mobile ah vibrator mode la vachirukken..yaaroda call vanthalum adhu athirunda thiruttu kamnatti..

[ enna yaarum adikathinga... Nanum thalaivar fan than..]

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sega fighta!! Sivaji righta!!

Guys, after all these post-operative sulky days [for those who dunno, yes i had an operation in my nose and it also had some post operative complications] im goin out and going out with a blow!!

Guess what?? Me goin to watch Sivaji, first day. Ain't that enthralling? Atleast its yes for me being one of the biggest Rajini fan... I dunno what charm thala know what he has, just peep in to this pic wont you?






[ [intha modern ponnukku____________]... ]

Oops... ;-) sorry for the beguilement ; just see this...

See you with the review and my third day interview... its good to see atleast some 60 are frequenting my blog.. thanks for those... catchya soon....

" Power ranger jetix thanda... pathu veralum gimmics thanda.... "

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Enga poi solluven?? Ennannu solluven?? - 2

My scruples din't permit me to leave the second day just like that. So here are few things that I did during the second day.

1. got ready for some tech questions
2. some HR questions like - tell me abt yourself, why our company etc.
3 . Contemplated few AT questions... and I framed few questions that will eventually frame you ;-) Lemme give you some of my odds.


Time limit : 15 mins 12 sec Minimum marks required : It depends
Question setter : Bharathi

Please note : Students are allowed to scribble anything they want in the question paper. If this is an online exam, they are not barred from using any website except this . If the student finds answer anywhere in the net , he is disqualified. And the company thinks its a must to warn you all that taking up this test may leave you brainsick and one hint that the setter wants to give to the takers is

"i am not saying that if you do not have an insurance that you do not have the right for an emergency medical treatment. if you have a real medical emergency, i suggest that you go to your nearest emergency department immediately, with or without an insurance. but please, do not go to the emergency room if you have a toothache that does not have any symptoms of infection"

Note : there is no sectional cut-offs as there are no sections.If this test leaves you crazy, the setter or the compaby is not responsible.You take this exam at your own risk. All the best.

Part - A to Z - each question has 3 or 4 options and you may or may not answer those questions. If you feel like framing and answering your own questions , well and good. Bonus marks will be awarded based on the level of creativity with which you have answered/framed the questions.

1. Is your name Govindsamy?

a. Yes
b. I Accept
c. Of course

2. Who found Newton's third law??

a. kutti-samiyar
b. govindsamy
c. Columbus

3.Whats the CAPITAL in India??

a. IndIA
c. InDiA

4. Whats the opposite of 'opposite'?

a. oppoopposite
b. 'ippo'stand
c. opposite

5. During nights, sun rests at _________?

a. a dark place
b. Arivaalayam
c. Taj resorts

6. Whats this question's number??

a. 5
b. 7
c. 8

7. A and B are sisters. B and E are one-left [ tamil transcript being - onnu vitta] sisters. E and F are relatives. A is F's aunt. U and F are co-brothers. E and U are enemies.If A is engaged with F how is G related with Z??

a.distant relative

8. 12 men can finish a work in 8 days. 16 men in 6 3/4 days. 20 in 2 56/29 days. If no one does that job when will the job be done??

a. yesterday
b. day after tomorrow
c. on a full moon day

9. what answer do you want to answer for this question??

a. ithellam oru polappa?
b. aasa dosa appalam vada
c. i love you
d. yevana irunthalum vettuven

10.Air bubble is made of??

a. air
b. bubble
c. cotton-candy

11.Express A starts from chennai at a speed of 300 kmph to tuticorin at 7AM travelling a distance of 650km. At the same time Express B starts from Delhi to Mumbai at a speed of 270 kmph travelling a distance of 333333 km. When/where will A and B meet??

a. on the rails
b. laloo's backyardat
c. sathyam complex,noon show!!

12. x is a double digit number. when multiplied with y you get 12. 3320 is 5.5 times x. z plus y will give you one fourth of double of x. On multiplying x,y,z and the result by two and subtracting the result by 7, you will get __________

a. head ache
b. dizziness
c. depression

13. when standing vrtically in a dark room horizontally, where will your shadow fall??

a. from hill top
b. meenakshi amman kovil undial
c. girl's hostel mottai maadi

14. When you press 'redial' after dialing '98945 43715' what number will be dialed?

a. 100
b. 98945 43715-989458 43715
c. none of these

15. Have you reached the last question?

a. dunno
b. is this the last question??
c. enna koduma saravanan ithu!!
d. mamaa biskothu

**************** Students who have successfully completed this test, may have the question paper for themselves . Thanks for the co-operation. ******************

Dreaming of such a rational Apti paper, I dozzed of that night and it was interview the next day....

to be continued....

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Enga poi solluven??Ennanu solluven?? - 1

Im emoloyed finally in Asia'a No.1 company with a pay package of 3.2 lpa. Sounds cool huh?? It is cool.

As in this post, we had three stages in the interview.

1. Clear the A.T.
2. Then a panel of 3-4 men/women will screw you with tech questions.[atleast they are
supposed to]
3. HR finally as an add on.

This is what happened during the course of 3 days.

DAY #1 : 485/600

As usual,it was the TCS fellows who got the first slot to recruit us. I wonder, "why fight for first slot??" Its always gonne be students[like me] with an intelligence of a ceiling fan.hmmm.. This company was a perfect oxymoron. [Relatively] Easy to get through but still kinda tough.. Confusing?? Lemme explain.They'll recruit atleast 300 from a college, here ends the safe part. The tough part is, "all" the students of your college will be eventually eligible and all of them will appear for this being their "dream" company..So obviously there would be adithadi for this company.

There was.

It was said that the pre-placement presentation would start at 8:30 AM, so that the K.S audi would be full atleast by 9:30 AM. I was damn sure that my mates were so particular in not missing this presentataion and they will occupy the front rows a.s.a.p. .It happened.

I was as usual late by 15 mins.Man,just 15 mins.The auditorium was outpouring with crowd leaving no place for me even to stand or sit, shit !! Why cant they have two sessions for their precious presentation?? After a long search,I managed to sit in a footer of a window from where I was'nt able to see a thing without tormenting my neck and calf.

10:15 AM -

The auditorium fell in deep silence when the guys from TCS and TCE arrived like peas and carrots. WoW!! There I could see how to have a interpersonal relationship. I was almost half sure that a prominent personality would be there somewhere bragging about how new buildings are built in this city and how he is helping this place to turn into an IT hub and how he missed a tea party with Bill Gates. That great man strongly believed that "Tee-See-Yessu" differed from "Tee-See-Eeeeyeee" by just a single letter. I couldn see that Legend anywhere around. hmm...

It begun with conventional address of our principal.. Ah I forgot! The placement officer was talking before that.. I was anxious to hear his words because I expected him to start his welcome address, absent-mindedly saying that the relationship between TCE and TCE is not a new one..When he finished saying,"We welcome one and all" -


SHHH....Guys, this is just the welcome address. sigh. :-(

.. Then few TCS guys took over the dias and started selling their company. [their video footage was nice].After a time of say, 20 mins,my friend who shared my window-footer told "macha!! vema sambalam mattum evlo nu soltu AT ku anuppa solda!!"

20 mins later -

Here comes the favorite part - QnA session. I expected few decent no. of questions [ the questions need not be decent though] from the 'Aaa-ko's. But my mates failed me again. They were dead still like a mid-night's lake. Then one TCS guy told " Well, ill give you an offer. The person who asks the first question will get the first answer. What more can a company assure you?" . Now, that was damn cool. But I seriously doubt he had practiced that a thousand times before delivering that here. It was perfect. No rushing through words, no stammer in between; it was cool.. Then some 'rosakaara' guys and non-guys pinned them with questions and the Questions were answered.The questions were almost monotonous eg. "What are the qualities should a S/w engineer should possess??" .., there was another one like "What does the company expect from us".... aarrghh...

My subconcious mind told something which almost made me roll with laughter. But I had to say no to the very human instinct...

That something was "En pa.. Ivlo peria aala valanthuttinga.. innum en naalu per naalu vithama kelvi kekura maari vechukuringa?? asingama illa??" ;-)

7 mins later , all 600 were batched and were alloted time slots.The notice board said that I should attend the A.T. @ 7:30 PM. It was 11 30AM then. I had to wait for 8 fuking hours.

After 7 fuking hrs 15 fuking mins and few fuking seconds, I was en route to CCC. Was able to see some faces in stew and some in seventh heaven...and some in terrible shock with their own obvious reasons. Even I was in shock . The reason being - CCC was air-conditioned!!.What other than a terrible shock can you expect?? Single word that I muttered [rather loud] was - "GOTHA!!".

I placed myself in the first row or should I call it column.?? Everyone in my batch were given a common password "TATA"..Shit!! I told "Vantha odanne, tata kaamichutanga maapla.. athum password.What a subtle way of telling bye-bye!!" to myself.

90 questions. 1 min per question.

After 90 mins : Relieved seeing "Congratulations, you are selected for the Interview!!" on the monitor.

My interview was scheduled on wednesday which left me with one free day. Phew...!!!

DAY #2 : Athan sonnene- complete rest.

DAY #3 : 355/485, that would be my next post.