Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Enga poi solluven??Ennanu solluven?? - 1

Im emoloyed finally in Asia'a No.1 company with a pay package of 3.2 lpa. Sounds cool huh?? It is cool.

As in this post, we had three stages in the interview.

1. Clear the A.T.
2. Then a panel of 3-4 men/women will screw you with tech questions.[atleast they are
supposed to]
3. HR finally as an add on.

This is what happened during the course of 3 days.

DAY #1 : 485/600

As usual,it was the TCS fellows who got the first slot to recruit us. I wonder, "why fight for first slot??" Its always gonne be students[like me] with an intelligence of a ceiling fan.hmmm.. This company was a perfect oxymoron. [Relatively] Easy to get through but still kinda tough.. Confusing?? Lemme explain.They'll recruit atleast 300 from a college, here ends the safe part. The tough part is, "all" the students of your college will be eventually eligible and all of them will appear for this being their "dream" company..So obviously there would be adithadi for this company.

There was.

It was said that the pre-placement presentation would start at 8:30 AM, so that the K.S audi would be full atleast by 9:30 AM. I was damn sure that my mates were so particular in not missing this presentataion and they will occupy the front rows a.s.a.p. .It happened.

I was as usual late by 15 mins.Man,just 15 mins.The auditorium was outpouring with crowd leaving no place for me even to stand or sit, shit !! Why cant they have two sessions for their precious presentation?? After a long search,I managed to sit in a footer of a window from where I was'nt able to see a thing without tormenting my neck and calf.

10:15 AM -

The auditorium fell in deep silence when the guys from TCS and TCE arrived like peas and carrots. WoW!! There I could see how to have a interpersonal relationship. I was almost half sure that a prominent personality would be there somewhere bragging about how new buildings are built in this city and how he is helping this place to turn into an IT hub and how he missed a tea party with Bill Gates. That great man strongly believed that "Tee-See-Yessu" differed from "Tee-See-Eeeeyeee" by just a single letter. I couldn see that Legend anywhere around. hmm...

It begun with conventional address of our principal.. Ah I forgot! The placement officer was talking before that.. I was anxious to hear his words because I expected him to start his welcome address, absent-mindedly saying that the relationship between TCE and TCE is not a new one..When he finished saying,"We welcome one and all" -


SHHH....Guys, this is just the welcome address. sigh. :-(

.. Then few TCS guys took over the dias and started selling their company. [their video footage was nice].After a time of say, 20 mins,my friend who shared my window-footer told "macha!! vema sambalam mattum evlo nu soltu AT ku anuppa solda!!"

20 mins later -

Here comes the favorite part - QnA session. I expected few decent no. of questions [ the questions need not be decent though] from the 'Aaa-ko's. But my mates failed me again. They were dead still like a mid-night's lake. Then one TCS guy told " Well, ill give you an offer. The person who asks the first question will get the first answer. What more can a company assure you?" . Now, that was damn cool. But I seriously doubt he had practiced that a thousand times before delivering that here. It was perfect. No rushing through words, no stammer in between; it was cool.. Then some 'rosakaara' guys and non-guys pinned them with questions and the Questions were answered.The questions were almost monotonous eg. "What are the qualities should a S/w engineer should possess??" .., there was another one like "What does the company expect from us".... aarrghh...

My subconcious mind told something which almost made me roll with laughter. But I had to say no to the very human instinct...

That something was "En pa.. Ivlo peria aala valanthuttinga.. innum en naalu per naalu vithama kelvi kekura maari vechukuringa?? asingama illa??" ;-)

7 mins later , all 600 were batched and were alloted time slots.The notice board said that I should attend the A.T. @ 7:30 PM. It was 11 30AM then. I had to wait for 8 fuking hours.

After 7 fuking hrs 15 fuking mins and few fuking seconds, I was en route to CCC. Was able to see some faces in stew and some in seventh heaven...and some in terrible shock with their own obvious reasons. Even I was in shock . The reason being - CCC was air-conditioned!!.What other than a terrible shock can you expect?? Single word that I muttered [rather loud] was - "GOTHA!!".

I placed myself in the first row or should I call it column.?? Everyone in my batch were given a common password "TATA"..Shit!! I told "Vantha odanne, tata kaamichutanga maapla.. athum password.What a subtle way of telling bye-bye!!" to myself.

90 questions. 1 min per question.

After 90 mins : Relieved seeing "Congratulations, you are selected for the Interview!!" on the monitor.

My interview was scheduled on wednesday which left me with one free day. Phew...!!!

DAY #2 : Athan sonnene- complete rest.

DAY #3 : 355/485, that would be my next post.

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