Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When only the best matters!

"Kapil Dev did not cross fifty in his last 105 ODIs spanning over six and a half years. He did not take four wickets in an innings in the last 50 matches. And in the last 25 matches of his 225-match career, he scored at 11.50 and averaged 43.31 with the ball! And now Kapil is asking Sachin Tendulkar to quit! 

Are five ODIs since the World Cup sufficient to write off a genius with 18000 runs and 48 centuries? And does Kapil Dev remember the last few days – nay, years – of his own career?"

- Writes Arunabha Sengupta in

Personally I think I have already stopped caring about Cricket. And I think even the slightest interest that I have for Indian cricket is just because Sachin is still there. I can assuredly say me along with millions of fans across the globe will stop watching cricket once Sachin announces his retirement. And in recent days, I keep hearing people say Sachin should stop playing cricket, including some of his peers and seniors. Added to the already existing pressure, this, arrogant prick announced his retirement couple of days back.

I understand that Sachin is not near the beginning of his end. But that doesn't mean he is near the end either. And for Sachin's sake, why cant we let him finish his 100th ton at his own pace? Even if he decides to let it go and finish it like a fragile unfinished poem, with 99 tons, let it be. But I feel it should be his own decision, not other retards. I read somewhere that he has passed 29 international innings without a century. What happened to the 50's, 60's and 90's during that time?

I feel bad when Dhoni is not backing Sachin up. When I think about it, he is the Captain who gave the World Cup to Sachin immediately after receiving it from the presenters. Can't he handle the fan pressure (and we are ruthless in expectations too!) when the team is not performing well.. ok.. for a significant amount of time? I know its easy to say and write than to be, but, its Sachin we are talking about!... Let him be! 

For all the matches he has won for India, India can lose few matches to make her son reach the milestone.

====== I was in rage today morning when  I read Ganguly [ I personally dont like him much..Sorry all Dada fans] commented that Sachin should retire.. with that feeling sustained in me, I entered the shower.. =====

Its amazing what a hot shower can do you... Its as if you drain all the hatred and rage along with the lather... I could see everything with a smile which made me come out with the following poda-mokha-naaye-ish fun-toons.

For those who dont know Tamil or Tamil songs:

Ponting: Hey dude! Come lets play Volley ball in banana garden. (they are not allowing us to play cricket - understood)
Sachin:  Wait da.. will hit a century in cycle gap and come!

Dhoni (voice over) : Don't angry me!

Next one, I wanted to try Sachin's caricature..but when I tried, it came out like Suruli Rajan. So had to mix and match the best available resources :)

For those who find it difficult to read: Above the stumps: Statistics. Balls coming towards him are - Ganguly, Kapil Dev, Media, Fans, Team mates / Selectors.

This one, wanted to try a 'troll' toon strip ending with a slap face. But thought Chiti-Rajini would be a better option..

Rough translation:

Mr.Maambazha-vai-maama: Does God exist?

Chitti [memory 1 terabyte. Speed 1 zeta hertz]: Yes.

Mr.Maambazha-vai-maama:When will he hit hundredth hundred. 

Chitti: Hypothetical 'Koshtin'!

Fervent Rajini fan will know why thats 'Koshtin', and not Question. :)

Long Live SACHIN!

PS: all the pictures are copyrighted and owned by Shanmuga Bharathi Nageswaran.