Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dhanush's Sachin Anthem - My thoughts / Review

After "Kolaveri Di", a song about 'Sachin'.For a brilliant idea it is, could it even go wrong? Well, sadly, it did!

It seems like a great idea to combine the two elements that India loves so much -- Sachin and Kolaveri -- but Dhanush and Anirudh have slipped big time here. 

The song and the video are poorly crafted, edited and does not give us the josh which  just a thought about Sachin can ooze in our hearts. Its not patriotic and its not even singing about Sachin. The lyrics reads like a half baked rambling one might write in an unprepared engineering examination.
The video montage showing Sachings photographs is pathetic. A classic straight drive against Lee, the hook shot againt England in 2003, the shot down the third man against Akthar, Sachin lifting the world cup - few of many - during the interludes 'hittu mama.. six-u mama..' would have done wonders to the video! 

Who wants to see Dhanush and Anirudh - who looks like minuscule version of Ishanth Sharma ready to rest in peace immediately after the shoot - in a song about Sachin? And was Anushka even there?

Plus the timing of this song is ridiculous! When India is struggling with its performance overseas and people are losing interest in Sachin's 100th hundred, the energy level with which we face this song is too low!

With all the hype and expectations after Kolaveri, the makers should have put in more effort and care. Last few seconds when the cast cries 'Sachin.. sachin' in pouring rain is the only good thing about the song.

So what should've been in the lines of 'when unstoppable force meets an immovable object', just passes a muster.

And of course it trends in twitter! People are going to tell how much they dislike this one!
Few things just happen. They are not to be re-created!

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