Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its the time to....

Voila...!! After 3 years of depressing subjects, frequent visits to park during the class hours, lack of attendance, 156 weekends, more than 200 movies, obscure subjects , few really good lectures ,very few good lecturers , very very few really good friends and many many many ass holes,and myriad of SSDD*s, we slog for our placements...

Just imagine, girls who are phlegmatic [names, better kept clandestine] and guys who are yokelish are given jobs [this includes me too]..I know, its saddening.

And what all these nitwitted morons should do is this

1. Clear the Apti - "Yeah!!We have R.S.Aggarwal,friends studying in other colleges and previous years question papers and seniors who give question papers only to their junior 'sisters' and those 'sisters' forward those mails to us.."

2. Watch BharathaNatyam/Rap/Hiphop shows - " Yo! Man Im meliorating my bloody body language!!"


If you dont have the patience to watch those, practice un-dumb-charades. Do actions whenever you speak. It works!! Im damn serious here.


If you are not interested in both , go to hell.

3. T.R.'s Arattai Arangam - "my Group discussion skills need some TR touch... I should get circumlocutious"

4. Acquire some fake american accent - eg: pronounce ass hole like ass-howl

5. For heaven's sake, blandish those interviewers even when you know that they are tatally jobless and were sent to recruit you....

And All the best all of you!!!

* - Same Shit Different Day


  1. it was just greeeeaaat..! made me roll wit laughter.. from wher in the hell did u get the tact of cracking jokes .! would make even narasima rao laugh..! but then i had to read it the second time to find if ther was something other than the fun it seems to pose.

  2. n by any means u hinted me in this post,..!? if it is, then u would understand which place..!

  3. @ Pramala

    I never hinted you anywhere here... hmmm... curious..