Thursday, June 7, 2007

Enga poi solluven?? Ennannu solluven?? - 2

My scruples din't permit me to leave the second day just like that. So here are few things that I did during the second day.

1. got ready for some tech questions
2. some HR questions like - tell me abt yourself, why our company etc.
3 . Contemplated few AT questions... and I framed few questions that will eventually frame you ;-) Lemme give you some of my odds.


Time limit : 15 mins 12 sec Minimum marks required : It depends
Question setter : Bharathi

Please note : Students are allowed to scribble anything they want in the question paper. If this is an online exam, they are not barred from using any website except this . If the student finds answer anywhere in the net , he is disqualified. And the company thinks its a must to warn you all that taking up this test may leave you brainsick and one hint that the setter wants to give to the takers is

"i am not saying that if you do not have an insurance that you do not have the right for an emergency medical treatment. if you have a real medical emergency, i suggest that you go to your nearest emergency department immediately, with or without an insurance. but please, do not go to the emergency room if you have a toothache that does not have any symptoms of infection"

Note : there is no sectional cut-offs as there are no sections.If this test leaves you crazy, the setter or the compaby is not responsible.You take this exam at your own risk. All the best.

Part - A to Z - each question has 3 or 4 options and you may or may not answer those questions. If you feel like framing and answering your own questions , well and good. Bonus marks will be awarded based on the level of creativity with which you have answered/framed the questions.

1. Is your name Govindsamy?

a. Yes
b. I Accept
c. Of course

2. Who found Newton's third law??

a. kutti-samiyar
b. govindsamy
c. Columbus

3.Whats the CAPITAL in India??

a. IndIA
c. InDiA

4. Whats the opposite of 'opposite'?

a. oppoopposite
b. 'ippo'stand
c. opposite

5. During nights, sun rests at _________?

a. a dark place
b. Arivaalayam
c. Taj resorts

6. Whats this question's number??

a. 5
b. 7
c. 8

7. A and B are sisters. B and E are one-left [ tamil transcript being - onnu vitta] sisters. E and F are relatives. A is F's aunt. U and F are co-brothers. E and U are enemies.If A is engaged with F how is G related with Z??

a.distant relative

8. 12 men can finish a work in 8 days. 16 men in 6 3/4 days. 20 in 2 56/29 days. If no one does that job when will the job be done??

a. yesterday
b. day after tomorrow
c. on a full moon day

9. what answer do you want to answer for this question??

a. ithellam oru polappa?
b. aasa dosa appalam vada
c. i love you
d. yevana irunthalum vettuven

10.Air bubble is made of??

a. air
b. bubble
c. cotton-candy

11.Express A starts from chennai at a speed of 300 kmph to tuticorin at 7AM travelling a distance of 650km. At the same time Express B starts from Delhi to Mumbai at a speed of 270 kmph travelling a distance of 333333 km. When/where will A and B meet??

a. on the rails
b. laloo's backyardat
c. sathyam complex,noon show!!

12. x is a double digit number. when multiplied with y you get 12. 3320 is 5.5 times x. z plus y will give you one fourth of double of x. On multiplying x,y,z and the result by two and subtracting the result by 7, you will get __________

a. head ache
b. dizziness
c. depression

13. when standing vrtically in a dark room horizontally, where will your shadow fall??

a. from hill top
b. meenakshi amman kovil undial
c. girl's hostel mottai maadi

14. When you press 'redial' after dialing '98945 43715' what number will be dialed?

a. 100
b. 98945 43715-989458 43715
c. none of these

15. Have you reached the last question?

a. dunno
b. is this the last question??
c. enna koduma saravanan ithu!!
d. mamaa biskothu

**************** Students who have successfully completed this test, may have the question paper for themselves . Thanks for the co-operation. ******************

Dreaming of such a rational Apti paper, I dozzed of that night and it was interview the next day....

to be continued....

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