Friday, March 7, 2008

Few more Questions....

Smoked a cigarette?
If 2 puffs of Wills = Smokings a cigarette; yes.
Crashed a friend's car?
No only mine.
Stolen a car?
Dozens of times!( In GTA of course)
Been in love?
Yes, once. :p
Been dumped?
Many a times :)
Been in a fist fight?
Once in high school. came back home with a swollen cheek but managed to give him a black eye too.
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?
Yeah :
Been arrested?
Nope. I never wish to be either.
Gone on a blind date?
I am not into blind dates, have enough worries on my mind already...
Skipped school?
Yeah always :)
Been on a plane?
Yep. Once during my UKG and after a longtime then, few months back. Nauseating!!
Seen someone die?
Yes. I don't think I have ever felt terrible as much as I did then.
Been to Canada?
Not yet but very soon. :)
Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?
I am weird but I ain't stupid!
Been jet-skiing?
I want to someday.
Met someone in person from the Internet?
Sounds exciting. But nope. Im no Tom hanks :)
Taken pain killers?
I live on 'em
Flown a kite?
Yes, but I am very bad at at it.
Built a sand castle?
Yeah. Im not those kids who dont know what pacha-kuthirai is. I lived my childhood days :)
Gone puddle jumping?
WOW! Yeah...
Cheated while playing a game?
Every time!
Been lonely?
That's all I have mostly been.
Fallen asleep at work or school/college?
Never in school, it was way too fun to do that. But in college,Yes. Some of our leturers are walking talking sleeping pills. So cant help it.
Slept beneath the stars?
Yeah many times :)
Been robbed?
Yes, of my innocence :)
Been misunderstood?
When have I not?
Won a contest?
Once in a while, yes..
Run a red light/stop sign?
I love to do that :)
Been suspended from school?
Does being suspended from college count? If yes, then yes :)
Been in a car accident? twice... err... no may be thrice.. I lost count
Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?
I like ice cream but that's going way off the limit! Only Sundi can do that :)
Walked the streets drunk?
Hmmm... I dont remember..
Had déjà vu?
Many times. (Why do I feel I have posted this before?)
Danced in the moonlight?
Naan aada ready.. kooda yaar adrathu?
Witnessed a crime?
Ive done it myself
Squished barefoot through the mud?
Yeah sema
Been lost?
I am lost most of the time.
Been on the opposite side of the country?

No. But soon, yes :)
Swum in the ocean?
Cried yourself to sleep?
Played cops and robbers?
I wanted to be a constablw when I was a kid :) Yeah , Constable...
Paid for a meal with only coins?
We once paid 173 rupees and 75 paise in CCD.
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
Cant help it
Made prank phone calls?
Lots and lots! Best one was when me and my friends called up to some X (female) and asked "Unga veetla mixy nalla odutha?" When she said "yes" we said "Appo pinnadiye odunga!!" :)
Blown bubbles?
Lots when I was a kid. Id love to do it even now, aana :(
Bonfire on the beach?
Cheated on a test?
Yeah ;) College ku vanthu nan kathukita urupadiana matter ithuthan


  1. dei constable 524...
    Nee apdi aagiruntha oru vella thaan urupadiya senjirpae... thts pooi tea, vada, briyani vaangitu varathu...
    Una police station la engha nu nicka vepaangha-engha ninaalum orae edanjalathaan irukumae- think nee vellila thaan nipae- maruthamalai padathula vadivelu nickura maari...;-)

  2. @ sundi

    en da solla mata

  3. You are back in form.. btw whts Deja VU?

  4. i remember ur prank call u said... really timely comedy.. good one.. :)