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Kaathalil Sothappuvathu Eppadi - Music Review

Why do I want to review Kathalil Sothappuvathu Eppadi (KSY) music? 

Because its Balaji Mohan's debut movie. He has "kanavu keerthanai", "Mittai veedu", "Kaathalil sothappuvathu eppadi", "Puthayal" to boast under his belt and I am his youtube follower right from his olden days!

"Mittai veedu" is probably one of the best feel good Tamil venture (including all the mainstream movies of the past 75 years put together!). When I came to know that he is making KSY into a full length feature film, I was actually glad! 

I thought he would retain the cast.. but to my disappointment, he could not. And the trailers were not that great to be true! 

Now the songs are out. What else could a  Balaji Mohan fan can do?

Aanandha Jaladhosham 

Catches your attention instantly. Vocal orchestration is something which is not yet explored entirely in Tamil cinema except few rare examples like Rasathee from Thiruda Thiruda, Ethileyum vallavanda [watch video from 2:30, Nan poranthu vanthathu from Mayabajar my astonishment, I could come up with only one such experiment by Ilayaraja! - these songs are not just rich in vocal harmonies.. but they have no instruments to back up the vocals. Technically they are called "A Capella" composition. 

Though this song is no 'A Capella', but its something like - Please sir - from Boys. Worthy vocals supported by occasional base.

The lyrics are fetchy and lighthearted 

"கிராபிக்சில் கனவுகளோடு - லவ்..லவ்..
தூக்கத்தில் பாக் க்ரவுண்ட் மியூசிக் - லவ்..லவ்..
தெருவோரம் நின்னாலும் பாரின் சாங் போல தோணும்.. 
எல்லோரும் ஹீரோ ஆகும் லவ்... ஹீரோயின் தேடிப்போகும் லவ்..."

A foot tapper.

Azhaipaya Azhaipaya/Azhaippaya Azhaippaya (reprise)

A song which is sure to bring smiles to millions of boys and girls across Tamil Nadu. A song to cherish the moment, which probably is the dumbest one in their entire life, when a girl/guy waits for a call/missed call respectively :)

The rush a boy/girl feels during that moment is abundantly stupid enough, to cherish! :)

Has this song done justice to those few adorable minutes? I would say no. It has tried its level best. An almost perfect tempo,mood and instrumentation fails to make an impression due to a mediocre lyrics.

And I am still having difficulty to believe its Harini who sang the song.

The violin interlude between pallavi and charanam proves that Thaman has his roots correct!

Parvathi Parvathi

Yet another sophistaicated-love's song. When Tamil cinema is crying out loud with love failure songs - Kathal en kathal, Yamma yamma , this tries something in the lines of Kolaveri di.

This song for the major part reminds me of Vishwanathan Velai vendum.

Siddarth has  messed up the song which is only made worse by Madhan Karky's wannabe-funny lyrics!

Thavarugal Unargirom 

Is it just me or Thaman's voice really sounds like A.R.Rahman's? When he sings - "Thavarugal" - with a "la" between ல and ள, dont you hear Rahman? :)

A break-up and re-union song which ends before we even realize it has started. A fast-techno-melody. Should I put it that way? A good listen.

@Balaji M - Though I  have mixed feelings about the movie/songs, I haven't lost hope in you :)

@Thaman: Your songs are really short and that could become a trend in Tamil Cinema! Thanks for that!

Rating: 2.75/5

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