Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dasavatharam - Music Review - not in Kamal's Class :(

Much awaited ( I did!!) music of Dasavatharam is out :) . With all the hype and expectations when I listened to this album, I was terribly dissappointed :( Himesh Reshamiyya - dumb sucker has performed the music score for a tamil movie for the first time. He is lucky that he is doing the score for a Kamal Hassan starrer . This is a typical Himesh album with high pitch vocals , heavy bass and keyboard sounds.
Ulaga Nayagan (Vinith)
A song patronizing my thala is sung by a new bee Vinith. Honestly I don’t know what to make of this song. It was neither good or bad but it did not leave a bad taste. The energy level for this kind of song is certainly missing. For the great lyrics patronizing Kamal, the pep is definitely missing. I had to make myself like this song. For that, I had to close my eyes and virtually picturize every line of this song. Try it, you might like this song :)

Kalai Mattum (Hariharan)

Hariharan sings this song with his usual relish. . The Arabic mix with the violin is interesting. This is possibly the best song of the album. With the glimpse of the picturisation , I guess this will be the first song of the movie and its a sure chart-buster. Vaali has done a commendable jod in penning the lyrics.

Oh Sanam (Kamal Hassan and Mahalakshmi Iyer)

This is a peppy song sung by Kamal himself. This is the only song I could hum after listening to the full album. Mahalakshmi supports him with her vocals and does a good job at it . The rhythm is decent and this is a typical Himesh song with the high pitch and heavy bass. Vairamuthu's lyrics get philosophical through-out. :)

Mukunda Mukunda (Sadhana Sargam , Kamal Hassan)
This song is a devotional song. It is very pleasing to the ear and definitely not bad but again it is not mind blowing either. It was tooooo slow and was testing my patience. I was searching for the next button in my remote towards the end but then I heared some hideous voice of an old lady. Macha, athu namma thala :) I liked this song instantly :) But still this song has some similarities with "Konjum mainakkale" of Kandukonden Kandukonden.

Vaa (Shalini Singh)

A song to prove this is Himesh's album. A perfect sucker.

Oh Sanam (Himesh and Mahalakshmi Iyer)

This is a remix version of the song with the same title sung by Kamal Hassan. If you din like the original song by kamal, listen to this. This is soo worse that you'll start liking the original. :)

I am lost as to why Kamal did not go with the very talented music directors in the south. What happened to his Ilayaraja?? He couldve created the Hey Ram or Virumandi magic again. Rehman must have been busy but I think even the new comers G.V Prakash or Yuvan would have done a better job than Himesh. Why not Vidyasagar? Think Anbe Sivam man!! I was not thrilled even with one of the songs even though I would not call any of them bad . The expectation from a kamal Hassan movie is very high and the budget of this movie requires a terrific music score but the score by Himesh even though it is good does not blow you away .

One of the issues could be that the the music was created two years ago but the bigger issue is it sounds like it is 10 years old.
I am just going to wait for the movie now.... Fingers crossed.


  1. i think the songs are great.mukundha is really nice and so is ulaga nayagane.
    and ka karupan is very very catchy.

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