Monday, October 11, 2010

Enthiran - Funny parts!

1. In 2010, many "DIY" Robot kits are easily available, so you can order them online, get it delivered, unpack and assemble them to make your own robot.

2. Plug-and-copy programming cassettes for Martial Arts, Music, Dance, Language and GK come as freebies. They easily make your robot smarter, so you don't have to break your head in writing codes. (May be shankar didnt show this scene to reduce the movie length :) )

3. A fresher graduate and a HSC pass are the ideal assistants for a scientist building the World's "most advanced" robot.

4. Technology in 2010 has suddenly become advanced that you can virtually see-through the fetus with a multi-purpose 'eye-sized' device, far better than the latest 6-tonne CT/MRI scanners.

5. The robot designed for battle fields is also programmed to sing classical songs and perform break dances, so that it can entertain the soldiers relaxing in the borders.

6. The robot when produced in large scale for Indian defense will come up with a Caution note: "Ensure you drive the generator trucks to the battle front, for charging the robots in "sleeping" mode

7. A humanoid robot will always introduce itself with its speed and memory specifications, just like human beings announce their height and weight.

8. A complex humanoid robot cannot follow a simple instruction to walk forward just because it is built by the bad man.

9. The same robot, purportedly built to kill people, can be easily knocked off the ground with bare-hands, just in case it accidentally tries to "kill" you.

10. A robot during test run has to be handled carefully, or it may misinterpret commands like "shoot" lie on ground and start mating actions.

11. When Chitti is in a romantic mood, its metal limbs become soft and cushioned so that when he plays with Aish hurled up in air, she does not get hurt.

12. When a scientist is clean shaven, it certainly means that he is not currently busy with his research or his creation is completed. (ithu paarambariyum)

13. Only a super-robot can help a student cheat her exams not you or me, even if we have blue tooth or wi-fi gadgets.

14. Goons and Rowdies in India have amazing stamina. They can handle over two dozen blows each, even if they are smacked off by metal 'arms'.

15. When you increase the volume of an expensive music system to its rated maximum, not only the glasses shatter due to shockwaves, the system themselves may blow up. (What kinda system is that ? )

16. When people climb on the back of Chitti, they too acquire its fire-resistance capabilities and they come out of fire-engulfed building totally unharmed.

17. Slum dwellers nowadays watch too many commercials of sanitary ware that they have started bathing in their own makeshift bath tubs.

18. A woman so concerned about her modesty, can sometimes forget about it. For instance, she thinks its 'cool' to stay naked in the bath tub, even when the house is on fire.

19. The Chennai police are so excited with their newly acquired sub-machine guns that they try them generously on the robot, not bothered about Aishwarya, whom they are supposed to save, sitting just besides.

20. When the self-thinking robot plans to replicate itself, it follows the same procedure of ordering DIY kits through Amazon, this time in bulk quantities.

21. The assembling of these complex robots are usually done on chairs like the ones you are sitting on right now.

22. The magazine casing for the newly developed finger tip gun can be made of plastics, similar to Mach 3 turbo razor pack.

23. A robot designed to replace 100 soldiers on international borders, can be easily turned off by hitting the red color emergency button on its chest.

24. Power from a car battery is sufficient for an android robot to perform its "heavy" duties, equivalent to what gasoline or electricity can give. (coz it requires just 2 volts current)

25. Robots can combine to form a 10 storey tall gigantic, powerful serpent, but it simply fires the enemies with a single gun

26. Their leather jackets are so durable that when the robots make a formation and drill through the surface, they are still as good as new.

27. When all robots are called to line up for the black sheep identification parade, Dr. Vasi also has to join them as there is no place to hide.

28. The research scientists in Robot institute often develop ideas when they are on tour, so they made a hi-tech bus with all consoles and park it outside ready for the next trip.

29. Nowadays judgments in courts are rapidly settled, sometimes ‘instantly’. For e.g., it takes less than 2 min for the judges to reverse the death sentence they just gave to Dr Vasi.

30. The movie was good and i enjoyed it thoroughly.

Wait for the real review... just as a Rajini Fan... :)