Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My latest crush :-)

Ive been watchin F.R.I.E.N.D.S for some time now and everytime I see Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] , my senses become !@#$#%#$^*(^*$%^#$

Her Profile

Lisa Marie Diane Kudrow (born July 30, 1963) is an Emmy Award- and SAG-winning American actress best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the hugely popular sitcom Friends.

Lisa is left-handed

Kudrow went out with Conan O'Brien until he moved to New York to host his TV show beginning in 1993. On 27th May 1995, Lisa became the first Friend to marry when she wed Michel Stern, a French advertising executive. They have had one son, Julian Murray (born May 7, 1998). Lisa's pregnancy was written into 'Friends' with her character Phoebe having triplets as a surrogate parent for her brother.

Foot Note :

Those who think "she looks like a bum", never mind. I know :-)

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  1. Phoebe Buffay is one of the best things thts ever happened on the television!! love u to bits xx