Saturday, December 20, 2008

I see dead people...

Prelude : Hi all this is an amateurish attempt to write a science fiction.. If its that bad, sue me.. else put a nice comment in the comment box :)

An instinctive jerk, eyes depicting fear....the little boy springs up on his bed screaming....
"MOMMY!!!", He meant for the sream to be loud, but it turned out to be hoarse.Nevertheless, Mom had heard her son yell.

Mom (concerned) : What's wrong sweety?
Son (struggling to speak) : I saw it again, 3 of them, I swear I did
Mom (sitting by him on the bed) : Keane, Baby, It was probably a nightmare....
Son (adamant) : No mom, you allways make an excuse, never listen to even ignored me in the morning...

Mom (thinking) : What in the morning?
Son (irritated, pounding his hands on the bed) : I told you i saw them walking by the car window while you were driving me to school...........(livid) ignored me then and you are ignoring me now..

Mom (sympathetic) : It's all in your head, Keane.
Son (not letting go) : No mom, I'm for real....sometimes I sense that you're ignoring me because you are as scared as I am..

Mom (smiling) : (in deep thought)....(complete silence)
Son : Mom?......Are you scared too?
Mom : (back to reality)....No Keane I'm not. There is nothing to be afraid of
Son : Then why won't you make them go? and more importantly, why aren't you taking me seriously?......(few seconds)....Mommy, I really think you are scared too.....

Mom (Reassuarance) : Keane, baby I'm tired, I've said this a million times and I will say it one last time........"There are no such things as humans"


  1. should take up to writing stuff like this more

  2. nice one bro...a gud one after a long gap..

  3. அட நல்ல இருக்கே!! :)

  4. Amazing!!!!! Continue writing stuffs like this..