Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Askalakkadi lalakumari kolakoppara ngoyya!

A.R.Rahman was having a very bad patch then. It was Thenali, Star, Parasuram , Udaya – continuous musical let downs from the mastero. It was when Tamil cinema witnessed this man, ARR’s keyboard player, who ventured into Kollywood like a lightning – “Minnale” – Harris Jeyraj. His songs were all over the place. Be it “Azhagiye theeye!”, “Vaseegara”, Iru vizhi unathu”, “Poove vaai pesum pothu”, “Oru punnagai poove” – he was considered as musical midas. Albeit, I found his songs lacking the essence right from the beginning. Of course, there are few gems like “Uyire en uyire”, “Nenjukkul Peithidum” etc. Harris Jeyaraj copies, period. All his melodies have resemblance. Even now I cannot recognize what song is played in the movie “Pachaikili Muthucharam” for the first 40 seconds. I cannot differentiate the songs from ‘Sathyam’ and ‘Dhaam Dhoom’.

I am listening to songs for 3 hours every day for the past one month (thanks to Cleaver-Brooks Inc.,) It was then I found pattern in his songs and that's "various sounds made by human voices" between the lines...so I started listing the songs and sounds...believe me, that was the best time pass I had in recent times. Few of the ‘hummings’ by Harris….
Right from his first movie…
Movie: Minnale:
Song: oh mama mama :
Sound: kukukukukukukukukukuku..theru koothu
kukukukukukukukukukuku..rhythm pottu
kukukukukukukukukukuku..vidu jootu
kukukukukukukukukukuku..gana paatu

Movie: 12B:
Song: Love pannu:
Sound: (Pallavi)

Nanna na naa naa naa naa nana nana naa

Nanna na naa naa naa naa nana nana naa.. Naa naa naa… naaa naa naa

(Charanam Interlude) Thayaare Thayaare thai thai thai thayaaare...(repeated thrice)

Movie: Majunu:
Song: Mudar kanave:
Sound: sono leyo..oh sono leyo..(repeated twice)
oh maai maai aah...oh maai maai aah...
su maaio su maaio..suuuu maaiyo iyo !!!!! (2)
oh soooony sooony leyo..liyo liyo liyo leyo (2)

Movie: Lesa Lesa:
Song: Muthal Muthalaai:
Sound: nananananananan na na thuthu...(2)
thaara..thithithaaathu thithithaaathu thuthu(2)

Movie: Saamurai:
Song: Aagaya soooriyanai:
Sound: seele nayya....shakuraano leya...hey sunomoni aahu laahi hei hei hei hei....(2)
eliye soooona oh maahi hei hei hei hei hei...

Movie: Saamy:
Song: Aarumuga saamikku:
Sound: Alamakolaama omayo seele seele saamy (2)
rrrrrrrrrrrr a
seele seele seele seele seele seele...aikoyamayo
jillu jillu jillu jillu jillu jillu...sundari vandaalo
Alamakolaama omayo seele seele saamy

Movie: Kovil:
Song: puyale puyale:
Sound: aiiahakkaan..aai aai aii aiiyeho...ooooh oooh oooooh
aiiahakkaan..aai aai aii aiiyeho...ooooh oooh oooooh

And the most famous of all

Movie: Kaaka Kaaka:
Song: uyirin uyire:
Sound: Oh mahasiyaaan wohi yaala....Oh mahasiyaaan ohi yaala....seemo meha saai haaan
Oh mahasiyaaan wohi yaala....Oh mahasiyaaan ohi yaala....seemo meha saai haaan

Movie: Chellame:
Song: Kaadahalikkum :
Sound: oh ho ho ho...oh ho ho ho...en sonaali liso sonaali...
oh ho ho ho...oh ho ho ho...my sonaali liso sonaali...

Movie: Arasaatchi:
Song: manathil siru siru:
Sound: oh mohalai mohalai mohalai lai lai lai
oh mohalai mohalai mohalai lai lai lai

Movie: Thotti Jeya:
Song: Thotta Powerda:
Sound: Samba samba le sambale..sambala sambale
samba samba le sumbale sambala sumbaale

Movie: Anniyan:
Song: andankaaka:
Sound: randakka..randakka randakka...randakka randakka randakka randakka....(2)
ela ela elaaaa ela elamma...ela ela ela ela elaalelamma
hora hora hora hora horammma..hola hola hola hola holalamma

Movie: Gajini:
Song: Oru Maalai:
Sound: Ro Ro..shomole..shinnnnnng...chuchu cha cha chuchu cha cha
Ro Ro...shinnnnnng...oh ho ho ho..oh ho ho ho.
Movie: Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu:
Song: Manjal Veiyil:
Sound: woo waaana sooovey...wooo waaana sooovey...oh ho ho sooovey

Movie: Unaale unaale:
Song: June Pona:
Sound: oooo hoooo ha ha oooo hooo ha ha...o la go maasta
oooo hoooo ha ha oooo hooo ha ha...hi hein grasssi a
o chaama triumaa (5)

Movie: Bheema:
Song: mudhal mazhai ennai:
Sound: mehu mehu mehu mahi mahi maaa..(2)
heeee hooo mehui...lohi lona (2)

And few of his songs were ‘inspired’ from Christian devotional songs… Enna koduma sir ithu??

Harris Jeyaraj oru modern S.A.Rajkumar nu solrathula thappe illa… SA.Rajkumar sticks to “thalaaa la la laaa laaaa la la laalaaaa la la laa”.. Harris Jeyaraj athaye suthi suthi vera mathiri paadaveikaran..

(Read it as: “’Vicks’a thanda suthi suthi ezhuthiruken!!”) Ukkanthu yosippano??!!


  1. Dai onaku harris jeyaraj mela enna da gandu...

  2. serious a... room pottu yosipiyo??? :)

  3. room pottellam yosikala... "en anbe nanum nee indri naanillai" nu satyam padathula oru paatu irukku... nalla melody aana.. nadula oru interlude varum paaru... merandutten.. intha post la sonathellam summa :)