Saturday, May 19, 2012

...Pencil sketching?

These are some of my first sketching attempts...I have started with still life sketching (this is still life sketching)  and sketching from photographs...Please give me your feedback. One of the really important decision in my life depends on it! :)


For those who don't know, with the money that I got from a wonderful concept called tax returns in US of A, I bought a dSLR and trying out few things with that as well... (yeah, one more dSLR user to annoy you!) - You can find some of my first attempts here -

Thanks again for keeping me and this blog alive for more than 25000 hits!! :)


  1. All the sketches are good anna, the lighting effects are awesome... but u can select pics that portray life/people... dn go in for cartoon characters..
    P.S- My personal opinion... !!


    1. nanga enna venumna panrom? rajini ya varanja suruli rajan mathiri varuthu :) athukku innum practice venum...