Friday, September 19, 2008

Im not back, yet!!

Prelude : I thought of posting something starting from the day that I left my Madurai .But then I realised nobody gives a shit abt my travelogue and all that and moreover I came here some 50 days ago. So writing abt my travel would be kinda boring, even to me .Then I wrote this.. Keep reading...

Being away from home is one of the most bugging things in life, barring the case of honeymoon ofcourse. It gives you so many things to take care of; responsibilities you'd be proud if your child had, but really not interested in having them yourself. It is said that it transforms a boy into a man. But for people like me, who've already been through this transformation and all geared up for a honeymoon, it doesn't really matter

Language is a small barrier, not because I do not know English. I infact know English well, the only problem being that the people here do not know the English that I know!

Bachelors are generally pathetic, giving the picture of a slum dwelling (minus the colour TV if you were thinking of a slum area from Tamil Nadu). But here, they are super well maintained. Though the bathrooms are common, we generally do not face a problem since Arjun Singh has not yet introduced reservations in this segment. If that happens, I'll have to keep one leg outside while taking bath I believe. And then one washing machine per aprtment, which 32 of us use till the coil burns

It is supposed to be summer here in Chicago. But infact it was iraining heavily for few days recently. (nallavanga irukkara edathula ellam mazhai peyyumaam, so no wonder) and continued to do so for a week, after which things are hetting warm here. After having faced the heat in Madurai and Madras, I should'n be saying Chicago is hot blah blah.. :)

The meteorological department here is doing a spectacular job. They predict and it happens.
Its so unlike Indian predictions. I was in Bombay few months back and they predicted extremely heavy rainfall there from the 6th of June(let me assume the date coz im not sure abt the date :).) The rains stopped on the night of 5th June. Since then, the sun was shining brightly as if the heads of thousands of Deve Gowdas are being used as reflectors here. I strongly recommend the Government to stop investing the money in Met Dept and instead start a matchmaking (not sivakasi theepetti match) forum which would be a lot more profitable. Or it can even be used for other useful purposes like teaching Arjun Singh simple mathematics - percentages in particular. I mean, the forecasting is so bad that it stops raining even during monsoon! Namma sattelites ellam what doing? Seriya dhaan irukka? Or Baakistan Deeviravathigal hack pannitaangala?? I am going to try scribbling INSAT 1A, INSAT 1B etc on Saneeswaran kovil sevuru to help them function properly. Edho nammaala mudinjathu.

Food here is terribly monotnous! Though we make variety of dishes! Confusing rite? Well, this will make the statement clearer. We make sambar with carrot one day ;potatoes - second day; keep the same for the third day; and even then there might be more sambar left which can be used as Manja Thanni for aththai ponnus to pour on mama payyans, without requiring any further dilution.On 4th day we keep rasam which runs for two days. Pathetic :) :( .

For morning breakfast I have a technologically advanced cereals. It provides me with iron,vitamin(s),calcium along with hunger in two bladdy hours. Here ppl dont eat apicy food. Even the FIRE SAUCE (Fire sause is the 'mirchi'est sause here) in TACO-BELL ( a mexican restaurant) is sweet to me. If I continue to eat this american food my tonugue will soon be having RIP embossed on it, for sure.

Girls are one of the main reasons why people do not wish to leave Chicago! Being from down south, I was under the impression that girls always prefer to wear churidhaars. But there seems to be a blanket ban on such costumes in Chicago. So far I have seen girls only in T-Shirts, that too ones which are a couple of sizes smaller! Also, "sleeveless" here means "nearly topless" for most, which is nothing but our Sudermani banian in Tamilnadu. Malls like Spencers and City Centres are thus of no necessity here. Since we have a B-School, Engineering College, Arts College and School in the same campus, I get to see people from all age groups and all walks of life, from around the globe . Edho naan nallavana irukkarthaala naan undu en velai undu-nu irukkaen....!

One thing which I miss majorly is being out of touch with whats happening around!! Reading news online is kinda irritating but I gotta get used to it I guess Inga TV nahi. TV-ey irundhaalum Gabtun movies arumai eppadi puriya veppaen ivangalukkellam?! Those of you who are still around checking this blogspace, HELP!! How do you guys stay up to date with clowns like TR and periya thalais like Gabtun? This info me definitely need to continue blogging

Anyways amidst all these matters I do get time to study. Test vecha how much u getting-nu enna paathu ppl asking!! Periya insult!! In my four years of college life nobody has dared to ask me the portions even! And Oh God.. I miss my tutors from back at home... Dada, Pooka, Jumbo where are you!?! I even tried to learn talking to my cell phone.. NO USE !! hmmm... Enna panna poren nu therla..

And machas and machis - I miss you all a lot :)


For those who don't know :

One important matter. I am the Shanmuga Bharathi B..Tech in IT officially! Arrear vekkama 4 years. Aatha I am the pass!!

Two impoertant matter ;) Im in Chicago doing my Master's degree in Management in Information Systems.

Note : Before I officially put up a "I am back" board out here, I need some vetti websites. Till then ippadi mokkai blog-a poattu bore adippaen

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