Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diwali @ Chicago - ??@#$@$^$^*#%^&#*&

It's that time of the year again when the sky sparkles with the shimmering embers of firecrackers, when houses are enveloped in the warm glow from lamps of all kinds. There's a distinct nip in the air that announces the arrival of Diwali.

You can always tell when it's coming. The days seem quieter. The nights seem darker, broken by the soft radiance from homes. There's a sense of excitement at the propect of the coming festival ( and of course, the holiday! ). You feel like spending time with family and friends. Everything seems cleaner and brighter. Even if, like me, you don't really relish the rituals, commercialization and overspending that festivals bring, Diwali is one that you probably look forward to.

I never failed to look forward this year too , to what has turned out to be the worshht DIWALI ever in my life :(. This time, for the first time, I'm had my Diwali away from home. Without my family and friends. It's kind of depressing. I miss being forced to take part in the customary cleaning at home, grudgingly deliver all the sweets that mom made to the neighbours and relatives with a fake smile :)

Being a movie freak, I even don't know what movies were released this Diwali... How pathetica am I ? :) To my astonishment I miss Madurai a lot at this time of the year. I miss those funny little streets and the most annoying traffic. The crackers, the celebration and what not??

Well I might sound depressed aad I have the right to be for only these I did on the day of Diwali

1. get up and start immediately for a job fair, where Im pretty sure no one is gonna call back after seeing my resume :)

2. Immediately after that I had a class to attend, well two classes - 6 hrs of lecture

3. I almost froze on the way back home ( temperature - 3 degrees C and it feels like fuking -2 deg C)

4. NOTE : I never ate for all these time

5. Eat something to suffice my hunger

6. sleep

7. get up

8. write this post

What a great Diwali :)

One more funny thing is in Chicago, Diwali is postponed to next weekend,, and for heavens sake, why cant these Indians who are here take a day off and celebrate it on the day of diwali? It sucks big time. Am I going to be a part of 'that' crowd? I guess no :)

No morning poojas

No amma's sweets

No ashirvads

No 'Solomon' Pappayya's patti mandram

No new movies

No friends

No 'indhiya tholaikkatchigalil mudal murayaga'

No crackers

No fun

Great Diwali...

Im fucking living the American Dream!! :)

With all these lined up 'NO's we did had some fun on the night before Diwali... that was really soothing... Being with new friends and making amaturish payasam and halwa... it was fun... but it could ve been more fun though :) Thanks guys for pouring some fun and not letting the light go off this Diwali :)


  1. Dude, I can understand ur feeling.. I also spent my Deepavali in Denver and missed all the things u had mentioned.. It is as if u pulled the words right out of my mouth.. BTW, this is my second deepavali away from home..

    Hope u remember me..


  2. Oh yeah Krishnan, I do remember you. so you in Denver? studying or working here?