Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tagged again!

I realized I have been serious in my blog recently. But all I could think was serious stuff :) But then I never could think of something light to write.. SAD!! seriously... So I resigned to a tag thing! Here it goes...

I am: a bit confused.
I think: I am losing my mind here!
I know: that I am God’s biggest mistake!
I want: to go home right now!
I have: been thinking something… Hmmm…
I wish: for more wishes!
I hate: a few people in my life, but can’t really help it! :D
I miss: being in love!
I fear: slimy insects!
I feel: the urge to scream out loud…
I hear: deafening silence!
I smell: (right now) coffee!
I crave: for thayir sadam, manga urugai, chicken briyani, thalcha, home made ayira meen kozhambu! nothing better!
I search: for the one who shall remain forever.
I wonder: if I can finish my work in time today…
I regret: not being able to hold on to her!
I love: the smell of rain in summer.
I ache: when I twist my body in an awkward angle!
I care: not one bit for the political jerks in the world! :D
I am not: a religious guy!
I believe: I can fly!
I dance: when I am high! :D (which is never)
I sing: in the bathroom and while riding the bike!
I cry: not…
I don’t always: tell the truth!
I fight: with myself a lot!
I write: to please the Reader! (remember, I'm one too! :) )
I win: always!
I lose: never!
I never: lose! :P
I always: try not to repeat myself!
I listen: very well…seriously!
I can usually be found: online!
I am scared: of my own shadow! It’s a very powerful piece of dark magic!
I need: to be constantly reminded of my own mortality!
I am happy about: what I am!


  1. haha :)

    I am scared: of my own shadow! It’s a very powerful piece of dark magic!

    like that..

  2. I win always!.. ahem! ahem! - Rekha