Monday, July 16, 2012

25 things I learnt in 25 years

So here I am starting my manhood without the world noticing (July 15th saw me turn twenty five). Yet another 25-something person who goes to work, pays rent on time (most of the time),loves watching movies, doubts the existence of god, open to almost everything, listens, recently lost interest in wearing watches and grown interest in tub-baths.

Having lived all these years and being touched by so many lives, I have learnt few things.Few trivial bits of learning that made me. Some of these took me 3 minutes to learn while most of them took from 2-24 years!

As every fervent blogger does, Im jotting down all those little things which I have learnt through life. Few of this could be preachy, few dumb and few others, really really dumb. But all is said with good heart. I dont know if I should number it. But still I did, just to keep count. If you want to rank it that way, it won't make much sense I tell you.

If the word ‘you’ ever appears in this list of learning, please rest assured that I am referring to myself.  I’m still learning… you, surely, are good as gold. 

1. No one can really hold a secret! NEVER EVER! So if you want to confide in a person, please know so that your little secret is out and you might find it in a piece of paper that you use to squeeze out the oil in bajji in the roadside stalls. And if they do keep a secret, they are crazy. Please don't be friends with them!

2. Having said that, please have a person to whom you can confide to. It is not necessary that you will have to confide everything to the same person. They have their own lives to take care. Pick and choose your friends,family to confide. This will keep you sane!

3.The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we all believe that we are above-average drivers. 

4. Nobody is normal. 

5. A person who is nice to you and rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

6. No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously. You can most likely ignore them.

7. If you are 25 and have not lived atleast a year outside your home, without your parents, your life is screwed! Big time!

8. You are not inherently patient. Its always a work in progress!

9.It’s okay to fall apart for a little while.  You don’t always have to pretend to be strong, and there is no need to constantly prove that everything is going well.  You shouldn’t be concerned with what other people are thinking either – cry if you need to – it’s healthy to shed your tears.  The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to smile again. And if you find yourself uninspired, watch a TED talk. It helps tremendously!

Example:  Brené Brown's TED Talk on The power of vulnerability

10. The happiest people I know keep an open mind to new ideas and ventures, love good music, good books, good pictures, good company and good conversation.  And oftentimes they are also the cause of happiness in others – me in particular. Don’t become too tied to a type.  Visit a plethora of places, read different genres of books, interact with a variety of people, listen to music you think you might hate.  What you will learn will enrich your life, even if you didn’t enjoy the experience.

11. You are always judged, there is no escape!

12. Apologize sincerely. You will always be forgiven. People are good. But... don't be too late! They expect you to be good too.

13. Those little things in life, there's nothing bigger.  Sometimes the moment that mean the most to you are not the big planned events, but the small things that happen when you least expect it.  Take care to not miss those. Like how my room mate cut a little cheesecake for my birthday. It was just me and him.. But it was happiness nevertheless!

14. There can't be a better gangster movie than 'The Godfather'. And please watch Inception as many times as possible! :)


15. Negative people can not make you happy.  If you cannot help them turn their attitude around they will probably turn you.

16. You most likely never end up doing what you want... but realize its always too early to give up on your dreams.

17. Saving money is a pain in the ass! When you have money, your car eventually breaks down!

18. If you make a choice, don't regret after having made the choice! Believe me, that has kept me sane for all these years!

19. A guy and a girl can never be just friends, unless one of them is already committed..  Two girls can just never be friends.. unless they are equally jealous of each other - or equally dumb! 7 guys can live cordially in a two bedroom apartment, not matter what!

20. If there is a beginning, there is an end. And at the end, you are left with nothing but memories. Make good memories!

21. Pain is good, suffering is optional and change is inevitable!

22. Nobody accepts you, as you are, except your parents.

23. If electrical/electronics appliances are not working, turning it off then on again is a good way to fix it. Especially if its an Apple product!

24. If a person wants to be a part of your life they will make an obvious effort to do so.  Don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay. Simply put - Your friends will be there and love you anyways.

25. Nothing really matters!

...... well, I do have lot more to share.. but this is enough I guess. Thanks for your wishes guys. It was a very humble birthday that I had yesterday. Thanks again.

PS: Sorry if I had not picked up your call. My cell phone is messed up!

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